StarCraft II WCS Challenger Series Playoffs end in Europe and North America

The best StarCraft 2 players in North America and Europe played in the WCS Challenger Series Playoffs this weekend. The winners were decided on Saturday night for Europe and one day later in North America. Throughout the tournament, the fans had the chance to watch some amazing matches, although there were not many surprises. Almost all of the favorites have survived the group stage and locked horns in the playoffs, where all the matches were played in a Bo5 single-elimination format.

Serral wins the WCS Challenger EU Playoffs

The Finnish superstar advanced from the group stage with back-to-back victories, just like German players Lambo and HeroMarine. Elazer joined them with a flawless record as well and three of these players have maintained the high tempo in the quarterfinals. HeroMarine was swept by uThermal, but the other three didn’t drop a single match and the stage was set for some epic semifinals. All those who survived the group stage got consolation prizes of $600 and also 60 WCS points.


Serral won the first two games against Lambo, but was denied the sweep and eventually prevailed in four matches. uThermal put up a good fight in the semifinals but he was eventually defeated by Elazer in five games. The Starcraft 2 WCS Challenger Series NA Final was an all-Zerg affair and the Polish player lost in six matches. He received $1200 and 140 WCS points, while Serral got the lion’s share of $1600 and 200 WCS points. The players defeated in the semifinals got $800 each and 90 WCS Points.

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WCS Challenger NA Playoffs defined by perfect balance

Group A featured exclusively American players and Neeb advanced with back-to-back victories, followed by Antis. Scarlett won Group B without dropping a match and she was joined to the playoffs by American player puCK. Both Canadians in Group C were eliminated, but their countrymen from Group D prevailed at the expense of their American opponents. TRUE was the only Korean player in the tournament and he won Group C. He and Neeb swept opponents in the quarterfinals and faced off for a place in the final.

Starcraft 2 WCS Challenger Series

Two Zergs, one Terran and one Protoss made the semifinals and each country has a representative in this stage of the event. Both Canadians qualified after sweeping opponents in the previous stage but only Scarlett made it to the final and MaSa only managed to win one match against Neeb. The Canadian barely survived the series against TRUE, while the American advanced with relative ease.

Before the final act of the Starcraft 2 WCS Challenger NA, Neeb has emerged as favorite to win the first place and $1600 + 200 WCS points. The series against Scarlett was never in doubt, as Neeb steamrolled past his opponent to win the final in four games. Throughout the tournament he had lost a single match, in the semifinals against MaSa.