The WCS Fall event is almost here and it’s bigger than ever

Sure, in the West Starcraft 2 isn’t exactly the biggest esport – not even the biggest of Blizzard’s esports, but worldwide, it’s a different story. In Asia in general and Korea in particular, StarCraft is one of the most popular esports ever.

Partly because of that, and partly because it’s simply a fun and challenging gameplay experience, SC2 still has fans many, many years after its release, as well as a thriving esports league. The 2019 WCS series or World Championship Series is one part of this.

WCS Fall 2019


What to expect from the WCS Fall 2019

The next event in the series is the WCS Fall 2019 competition taking place this September. Between September 6th and 8th, talented players will be competing in Montreal, Canada, for a pretty impressive payday.

The overall prize pool is an impressive $100k USD, as well as 12.600 World Championship Series points. Of this, the first placed player will take home $20k and 3000 points, while the second placed player will receive $10k and 1400 points. 3rd and 4th place will receive $6k and 900 points respectively, while the lower ranks will receive either $4k, $2.75k or $1.25k and 600, 300 or 100 points respectively.

Of course, the WCS Fall tournament is only one part of the overall Championship series. There is an entirely separate Korean League running, and both will meet at the global Final at IEM Katowice later this year – IEM will see a fantastic $250k prize pool up for grabs.

Not that the Fall winnings are anything to scoff at – the WCS points alone could really shake things up between the top players of the circuit. At the moment, Serral, Reynor and Neeb lead the international leaderboards – all three are in the event, and if any of them take the top spot, they would be miles ahead of the competition. Of course, this also goes for other players, but with the top three having 4.5 to 7k points, it’s these three that are favoured to win overall.

Hailing from Finnland, Italy and the US respectively, there’s no telling who will really end up victorious. Will it be Serral whose exceptional history makes him a favourite pull it off, or perhaps Neeb who has an almost-home advantage at the Canadian event? Or will, perhaps, a different player entirely net themselves a hefty prize?

We’ll find out in just a few days. Be sure to watch the livestreams of the competition on the official Twitch channels.

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