The StarCraft II WCS Finals are almost here!

Are you a StarCraft II fan? If you think this year is running away from you a little, take a moment to pause to ensure you don’t miss out on some big news. StarCraft II is heading for it’s most exciting time, the World Championship Series (WCS) has been underway with some fantastic matches. Players from across the globe have been pitting their skills and strategies against one another and finally, we’re approaching the final. The top 16 players in the world have been testing their skills and facing off in some really intense gameplay.

It’s not just about the matches though. One thing that sets the WCS apart from many others out there, is just how much closer fans can get to their favorite players. Throughout the competition, fans have been able to follow along with player progress as well as getting to know a bit more about them. The WCS Signature Series has given us some great insights this year into many of the pros as well as some of what goes on behind the scenes. This year, one of the most interesting development stories has been that of Maru.

He was barely a teenager when he began competing professionally in StarCraft II, and Maru has climbed from being basically unknown to one of the world’s best players. This year, as if competing as one of the best in the world wasn’t enough he’s also claimed the top spot at all three of the Global StarCraft League championships. He plays Terran artfully, and any players who find themselves up against him should certainly be concerned as his quick decision making and tactical play have seen him come out on top again and again this year.


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It’s not all been easy going though, hours and hours of practice have been put in, in preparation for the series and indeed for individual matches too. Like all of the pro players, Maru is dedicated to his craft and his efforts are paying off. He is definitely living proof that if you put in the hard work and stay focused, you can build a very successful career.

He’s not alone of course, and many fans have also been keeping a close eye on his competition. As the tension mounts, no one can be counted out of the running. Will it be Serral? Or perhaps SpeCial? It’s too soon to tell who will take home the ultimate prize, there are so many talented players competing this year. It certainly promises to be exciting though, whether fans are new to the franchise or have been following along from the games first release and the finals are definitely something you don’t want to miss.

Speaking of the main event, the finals are due to kick off on October 26th, so if you’re worried you’ve missed out on the culmination of a fantastic season, think again! There’s still plenty of nail-biting action to watch, so make sure to book it into your diaries and ensure you don’t miss out!

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