The StarCraft II 2018 WCS Montreal Group Stage Qualifiers have begun

The race for 2018 WCS Montreal has begun and StarCraft II players are actively engaged in qualifiers. On August 12, the action started in all three major regions and the most successful players win a bundle that includes accommodation, travel and entrance expenses. The most exciting games can be enjoyed live on streams, and they include matches from the group stage and the playoffs.


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HuT wins the 2018 WCS Montreal Oceania, SEA Qualifiers

The Oceania and SEA region is smaller compared to North America and Europe, so the qualifiers have already ended here. The action started on August 12 with the open qualifiers played in a double elimination bracket. A total of 16 players were involved, most of them Australians and not surprisingly, many of them made it to Stage II. In the semifinals, three out of four players were from this country and one from Vietnam. Meomaik lost the next six matches but still finished in the fourth to collect $730.

HuT was arguably the best player throughout the tournament and he lost a single match in the quarterfinals. As the Starcraft II 2018 WCS Montreal Oceania, SEA Qualifiers advanced, he shifted into superior gear. He swept his opponents in the Winners’ Final and also the Grand Finals to win the tournament and secure a place at 2018 WCS Montreal. He will be joined by fellow Australian player Probe who clawed his way to the final act in the Losers’ bracket.

Groups A and B Matches are over in North America Qualifiers

The 2018 WCS Montreal North America Qualifier will send four players to the main event and the preliminary tournament spans over three weeks. Last weekend, the winners of group A and B were decided and action resumes on Friday. Two players from each group will advance to the playoffs, which are scheduled for August 26 and will be played in a best-of-five series. Only the grand finals will require up to seven matches to decide the winner.

Neeb won Group A followed by Antis and they will be joined by Scarlett and puCK who qualified from Group B. Neeb and Scarlett lost no match during this stage of the competition and are favorites to advance in the playoffs. Group C and D players start on Friday, with 4 Zergs, 3 Terrans, and one Protoss.

Serral extends his dominance in Europe Qualifiers

The format of the qualifiers in Europe is identical to those in North America and the winners will be known at the end of the month. Meanwhile, Elazer celebrates his compelling victory in group A and he will be joined to the playoffs by Namshar. Stephano suffered an untimely elimination and was unable to win a single match. In Group B, Serral won both matches and dropped a single game; he will advance as group leader, followed by uThermal.

Group C and D matches are scheduled to start this week, on Friday and will feature top players such as HeroMarine, Mana, Lambo and Reynor among others.

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