Zerg players dominate the North American StarCraft 2 stage

2018 has been a great year so far for both StarCraft 2 and StarCraft Remastered Zerg players. The trend seems to continue as the most important North American competition came to an end in Austin. The winner of this StarCraft 2 World Championship Series event was Serral and for his achievement he was rewarded with $20,000. This player has already qualified for the upcoming WCS Global Finals after winning the event at WCS Leipzig, but the Austin win represents an important milestone.

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Starcraft 2 Zerg Player dominate

The Finnish player dominated the tournament and was able to win most of the matches with relative ease. There were plenty of Zerg players at the WCS Austin and many of them were able to secure a place in top 10. Canadian Scarlett spent a lot of time in the spotlight and even though she was unable to enter this elite group, she secured a prestigious 12th place. MaNA finished in the second place and confirmed his status as one of the best Protoss players at this event.

The third-place belonged to another Zerg and there were eight more to finish in the money. Serral enjoyed a dominant run in the WCS circuit, but there are several other players who can give him a run for his money. The next stops in the circuit are the WCS Valencia, WCS Montreal and then the GSL vs. The World flagship competition. They have comparable prize pools to the $100,000 split among the most successful WCS Austin competitors.

Challenger Season 2 Continues for North American Players

Many of the players who participated in the StarCraft 2 World Championship Series in Austin have a busy schedule in June. That’s because the second season of the WCS Challenger continues, with an important milestone on June 6. On this day, on both sides of the Atlantic, North American and European players gear up for the open qualifiers. The NA matches start first and winners will be decided over the course of two days, between June 6 -7.

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Separate qualifiers are scheduled for each day and at the end of the event, eight players will make it through for Challenger. Games will be broadcasted live, so the fans will know the names of the four players that qualify each day, as the matches unfold. The rules prohibit players who qualify on the first day to sign up and play in matches on the next day of the competition. Significant changes were made to the rules of the WCS Challenger in 2018, so participating players need to get up to speed with them.

The signup links and scheduled for the open qualifiers are available for players who haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. Two hours before the daily event begins, the sign-ups will close so it is better not to postpone enrollment. The first match for the North American qualifiers is scheduled to start at 4 PM PDT and the competition will resume the next day at the same hour.