How Big is Starfield? Map Size Confirmed

Starfield is quite a sizeable game, that much is well-known – but how much is there to that statement? Are we talking about a large, open map, or an epic, end-to-end universe that can never realistically be explored in its entirety? Well, in this guide, we’re going to answer that all-important question: ‘How big is Starfield?’ If you’ve been hurting to know just how much time you’ll need to spend exploring Starfield’s universe, look no further than what follows.

We’ll kick this off by stressing that this is one of the largest explorable worlds ever created in the history of gaming. Is that enough to give you a tantalising taste of just how expansive this game truly is? Without further ado, let’s find out – how big is Starfield?

how big is starfield

Image Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Is Starfield Infinite?

Starfield isn’t infinite, but it is absolutely and monumentally enormous. It boasts more than 1000 planets and moons spread out across hundreds of ‘systems’ that can be explored at will. On top of that, there are cities, space stations, caves, facilities, and all manner of constructs to pore over as an explorer. It’s staggering in size and depth, and what makes it more mindblowing is that it’s all created on an epic scale.

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For instance, if you were to fly from one planet to another, it’s going to take you several hours. If you wanted to circumnavigate an entire planet, it’ll take you a near-infinite amount of time – but that’s because of the way Bethesda Game Studios has designed these planets. To make them more manageable, every planet is split up into ’tiles’. Once you reach the wall of one tile, you need to take off and land your ship in another to continue exploring, but each tile is thousands of meters across.

That’s why fast travel options are everywhere and you can more or less jump uninhibited from system to system. Otherwise, you really would never get anywhere in Starfield.

Is Starfield big? No – it’s absolutely gargantuan. There’s essentially no real way you’re going to see every planet, moon, space station, and installation in one lifetime. It would take thousands and thousands of hours.

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Will Starfield Get Bigger?

What, it’s not big enough?

If you’re wondering whether Starfield will be expanded, we’re going to sit you down and request that you take a good, hard look at the size of the game. What needs to get bigger? Let’s put it this way – Bethesda Game Studios is a master of creating expansion content, and in Starfield, there’s a literal universe ready and waiting to accommodate that content. It’s expected that the game will grow in terms of content offering, but the map won’t ever get bigger, it doesn’t need to be.

So, we hope that has comprehensively answered the question, ‘How big is Starfield?’ If it has, then jump in and start exploring this epic universe.

Don’t forget that we have plenty more Starfield news articles on this platform!

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It’s nowhere near as big as you’re making it sound. Sure you can land all over a planet, but it isn’t consistent. It remembers a few landing sites and if you do more it erases the old ones. Those places are not set either. The map is randomly generated when you land. And yes, there are a thousand planets, but what’s on them is shallow. It’s usually just minerals and if there is life, it’s just a few plants and animals with them all looking almost exactly the same across the galaxy. There’s the little bug, the herd animal, the middle predator and the apex predator along with occasionally a flying gas bag or bird once in a while. Starfield is big only on a spreadsheet. In terms of what there is to actually do and see it’s a case of wide as an ocean and deep as a puddle. No Man’s Sky has much more to it than Starfield and that game was made in a fraction of the time, with a fraction of the budget of Starfield and by a dev team smaller than the group that moderates Bethesda’s discord page. It’s a spectacular failure and shows a complete lack of ambition or care by a company that used to push the envelope.