Is Starfield Multiplayer?

Starfield is finally here and players are sinking hundreds of hours into it, exploring every inch of this hyper-ambitious game. It was developed by Bethesda Game Studios over a series of years, and that lengthy creation path shows in the final product, which is literally mindblowing. It’s a phenomenal game, but do you have to play it alone? In this guide, we’re answering one key question – ‘Is Starfield multiplayer?’

There are competing titles that have a similar operating model that also boast multiplayer – No Man’s Sky, for example. Traditionally, any game made by Bethesda Game Studios is a single-player affair only, with the exception of standout examples like Fallout 76. But with that being said, is Starfield multiplayer in any way, shape, or form? If not, should it be?

Let’s find out.

is starfield multiplayer

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Can You Play Starfield Co-op?

Starfield is a remarkable game, that much is obvious. It features more than 1000 planets, moon, stations, and cities, all of which can be explored at will. It’s one of the deepest, broadest games we’ve ever seen released, and it has been estimated it’ll take hundreds of hours just to finish up what’s on offer. But is Starfield multiplayer? That’s the important question.

Unfortunately, for those seeking to soar through the stars alongside a friend, Starfield is not multiplayer in any way. It’s exclusively a single-player game, and that means you won’t be buddying up with your friends in space anytime soon. From start to finish, Starfield is a solo venture, much like Skyrim or Fallout 4 – which were also crafted by Bethesda Game Studios. Of course, some budding technological marvel may saunter along and develop a multiplayer mod, but for now, Starfield is totally closed doors to multiplayer gameplay.

It’s not a bad thing, though – there is almost no part of Starfield that feels like it should be played cooperatively. It’s an immersive game, and most players find that they’re best immersed when they can create their fictional character and explore a universe at their own pace without the real-world distraction of someone chattering in their ear.

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What Are The Alternatives?

So, is Starfield multiplayer? No, it’s not – but surely there are some alternatives?

If you want to explore space or a sci-fi setting with friends, there are some games out there that serve up a fantastic alternative platform to Starfield. Sure, Starfield is the talk of the town right now and it likely will be for months to come, but what can you do if you want to play with your friends and go planet hopping in a spaceship?

For instance, you could try No Man’s Sky, which is arguably the closest thing you’ll get to Starfield. There’s also Elite Dangerous, which features many similar elements to Starfield. There’s EVE Online or Star Citizen, too – they’re both fantastic alternatives. If you want familiar media, consider investing time and effort in Star Trek Online, perhaps.

You’re not out of luck – Starfield isn’t multiplayer, but those games all are.

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