Stepn Teams With Atlético de Madrid and Crypto Exchange Whalefin

Run-to-earn the title, Stepn has recently announced an upcoming NFT collection with world renowned Spanish soccer team Atlético de Madrid.

This NFT collection comes in conjunction with the crypto exchange Whalefin and sees players have access to new in-game shoes used to play the Stepn game.

What is Stepn?

Many will not be aware of Stepn and its functionalities.

It is a lifestyle game that has gone on to gamify exercise as players use the purchasable and/or rentable NFT sneakers to earn the Green Satoshi Token (GST), the game’s native token. These are then exchangeable for real-world FIAT currency.

Stepn has certainly attracted a lot of attention with over $130 million in reported revenues over the past 12 months.


Image Credits | Stepn

Their development team has some great links to the web3 and fashion industries, ultimately solidifying their place on the radar of many crypto gaming enthusiasts.

Furthermore, their team is active on social media and also on their official website, showing their full identities for those visiting the site.

To gain the full use of Stepn and to experience it at its full capability, you are required to rent/purchase an initial pair of NFT trainers.

What is the new Stepn NFT collection?

As mentioned, this has been brought to you as a joint effort from Atlético de Madrid and will be provided to users by Whalefin.

The collection is limited to just 1001 on a worldwide basis and mimics the traditional soccer boots players would wear when playing matches.

Previous buyers of the last NFT release will be familiar with the Genesis model associated with the NFTs for Stepn.

By owning one of the new exclusive NFTs, users are gifted with a multitude of perks and real world rewards.

Up for grabs are the following:

  • Exclusive Whalefin airdrops
  • Physical Atlético de Madrid merchandise

Each holder of the Atlético de Madrid will also be placed in a competition to go see the team at their home stadium, Civitas Metropolitano. Hotel bookings are also included in this prize draw.


Image Credits | Stepn

Overall, there is a lot of real world utility for those that possess in-game items.

It doesn’t stop there, as holders also receive benefits in the Stepn game as their abilities are strengthened when earning in-game rewards.

Boots are also available in different variations. Altogether, there are 850 normal pairs of boots, 140 unusual, and 11 rare boots.

The rare boots are based on 11 of the Atlético de Madrid players, making them an aspirational addition to the release.

The outcomes of the Atlético de Madrid x Stepn partnership

Stepn is currently in the public beta phase of its lifespan.

To access this title, players must have access to a Stepn activation code, which the developers have stated is to reduce the number of users due to the large demand for this title.

This shows good potential for Stepn, but also heavily relies on the user base being constantly active on the title. Over a long-term time span, this could prove unsustainable due to the limited number of users currently allowed on the game.

Releasing an NFT that has great in-game and real world benefits will encourage users to interact with the game for the long-term.

Furthermore, a worldwide name such as Madrid collaborating with Stepn so early on could prove to have further longevity.

It will be interesting to see if Stepn will be able to ease the initial access restrictions going into the future.