T1 remain undefeated, DRX to cause upsets – LCK Week 4 Breakdown

The LCK resumes this Wednesday after its mid-split break. League leaders T1 will be facing Hanwha Life Esports while DRX will aim to upset KT Rolster in the second match of the day. Here is a look at an in-depth analysis of both matches along with my predictions.

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T1 look unchallenged

Firstly, let us start with T1 and their incredible season to date. They have cruised their way to six wins in six matches to move comfortably to the top of the LCK standings in spring. In terms of a map record, they are presently 12-3 with plenty of promise because that is indicative half of their matches have gone to a third map but they have stayed clutch through them all.

Gumayusi has been a star in the bot lane this split, with returns of 4.67 kills, 1.8 deaths and 4.93 assists with a KDA of 5.33 and a creep score of 362.8. That is a decent kill participation rate but his kill rate is spectacular. He has received able support in the middle lane with Faker, who has managed 3.73 kills, 1.8 deaths and 5.4 assists per map at a KDA of 5.07.

The best returns, in fact, have come from Oner in the jungle who has a KDA of over 6, built on strong holistic numbers that include 3.07 kills, 1.67 deaths and 7.6 assists per map at a KDA of 6.4. Zeus has also been steady in the top lane, which means that T1 have relied on strong overall production. That is the template for teams to dominate in League of Legends, and the LCK is no different.

There is no reason, based on the evidence we have seen so far, that T1 can’t keep this up. They are in excellent rhythm offensively in team fights as well as while defending. Their Betway odds of 1.10 for an outright win seem a bit low so I would go in for the maps market. On Betway, the total maps to be under 2.5 is x1.40. Just purely on a risk to reward relationship, that is quite good when compared to the moneyline market.

DRX are the hottest market

In the second match of the day, KT Rolster are massive favorites, which I don’t quite agree with. Sure, they have the deeper roster and offensive firepower but their odds of just 1.25 are a bit too low. Instead, DRX, who have been given odds of 3.55, provide a much better risk to reward relationship. While the likelihood of an upset remains low, there are far fewer obvious and discernible advantages for KT Rolster, which makes the upset a compelling bet.

Both teams have identical season records, which is 3-3 in this LCK split. KT Rolster have an 8-6 map record while DRX have a 6-6 even split in their maps. KT Rolster have a few more reliable offensive players during team fights, but DRX are not terrible.

Deft in the bottom lane has been DRX’s most prolific offensive weapon as well as the most efficient player in this split, with returns of 3.5 kills, 2.25 deaths and 4 assists at a KDA of 3.33 along with a creep score of 335.67 and a CSPM of 9.51. Another reliable player for DRX in this and previous splits is jungler Pyosik, who has returned 2.33 kills, 2.58 deaths and 5.08 assists at a KDA of 2.87. These two will be the key weapons for DRX if they are to stand a chance in this contest.

If you would like to reduce your risk position, you can always opt for the handicaps market. On Betway the selection of DRX +1.5, which basically means DRX not to lose in straight maps is 1.80. Not too bad considering this is a bit more even than the odds indicate.

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