T1 vs G2 Esports – MSI Knockout Semifinals Match Preview & Analysis

T1 and G2 will face off in the second series this weekend. Who will win and who will leave? With the MSI Rumble Stage over, we can’t really favor one team over the other.

Let’s break it all down.

g2 MSi knockouts

It’s 2019 all over again.

T1 vs G2 Esports Match Analysis

After a very weird Rumble Stage, the top 4 teams have been finalized. On Saturday, Korean representative T1 and the LEC team G2 Esports will clash against each other in what will be an essential series.

On one hand, we have G2, who has had a stellar start in the Rumble Stage, winning their first 4 games, before having a very strange collapse and finishing 3rd with a 5-5 record. While the inconsistent performance by the team can be hard to read into, and consequently hard to decipher, there are common patterns that explain why G2’s win streak came to a quick end.

G2 Esports – From the stars to the stables

First of all, we have always praised G2 in the past few weeks for being strong at reading the meta and creating a draft edge. This is what essentially allowed them to get a 4-0 start, but it was also what almost eliminated them from the tournament. The team had found a very effective playstyle that suited them, which was basically a teamfight comp with great pick potential. However, other teams have slowly found ways to counter them throughout the Rumble Stage, as the “meta” within the tournament has shifted. Whether it’s by banning out pocket picks like Ahri or Leblanc for Caps, or forcing BrokenBlade in playing carries, G2 have struggled to find other solutions.

Aside from that, G2 has failed most of the games when playing Kalista. I personally think that the pick is not optimal and there are many other options that are far stronger. Yes, the utility of the champion is enormous, but G2 has shown that the top side of the map (BrokenBlade) can’t really beat Zeus or Bin in the 1v1. What G2 must do is either return to their default playstyle that won them games, or find new ways to counter the top or bot lane.

T1 – Still Below Expectations

On the other hand, T1 had a relatively decent Rumble Stage, despite coming in as the big favorites at MSI. What’s really interesting about the team is the shift of their game plan towards the top lane, with Zeus being the main carry for the team. It is evident that Gumayusi hasn’t been playing at its best this tournament, and has adjusted itself to a more utility and weakside role. T1 likes to draft strong matchups for his top laner, as well as carry champion in the jungle role.

Just as many have speculated, the top lane has taken a vital role in every roster, especially when it comes to flexibility. Having a player who can play both weakside and strongside will create great opportunities during the drafting and create a gap that is not easy to fill up. Zeus has been the most consistent player on the T1 roster and in the top lane in general, so keep an eye on him during the series.

T1 MSI Knockouts

T1 vs G2 – MSI Semifinals Betting Lines

To conclude, the series will be a big surprise for most people. There are a lot of question marks and doubts regarding both teams, and that’s why I’m not expecting a quick series. T1 and G2 are not perfect teams and their results have proven that. If I had to name a winner, it would likely be T1, but the first two games will all come down to the draft. Make sure to check the line ups before making any move. Below, as usual, you can find the best odds for this series:

  • Winner: T1 (1.24x)
  • Total Maps: over 3.5 (1.51x)
  • Correct Map score: T1 3-1 G2 (3.20x)
  • First Blood (1): G2 Esports (2.23x)
  • Map Duration: over 29.5 (1.86x)
  • Total kills: over 27.5 (1.87x)
  • First Dragon: T1 (1.58x)