Team Heretics domination at the Cyber.Bet Cup

Cyber.Bet Cup gave a glimpse at the mid tier competitors in 2020. The event gave us plenty to see in terms of strenght comparison between the European and CiS hopefuls. From April 6th through April 12th, eight teams fought for a prize pool of $10,000. Heretics came out on top and banked themselves $7,000 in prize money.

Team Heretics domination at the Cyber.Bet Cup

Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom

Path to Victory

Truth be told, the French CSGO roster did not have any competition in this one. In their opener, Heretics dispatched of Nordavind with ease. Dust 2 was a one-sided affair as French squad left Nordavind with 4 rounds to their name. Despite Inferno being competitive, Heretics were never going to lose that map.

After a swift victory against Nordavind, Heretics picked up the pace even more by leaving Syman with one round on Vertigo. However, they struggled on Overpass and barely edged our game in the second overtime. This time around, xms and Lucky both stepped up with 49 frags over two maps.

In the semifinals, Heretics were matched against NAVI Junior. Even though this was a close best of 3 series, xms and co. came out on top by defeating the Ukrainian youngsters on Vertigo and Mirage. It is important to mention that Nivera played out of his mind with 51 kills over 2 maps.

Lastly, Cup grand final was a beauty to watch, at least from our perspective. However, Heretics did not want to let this one slip away, especially after a poor showing on Overpass against arguably the worst team on this event, Syman.

This time around, Movistar Riders did not stand a chance on their map pick as Heretics left them with 9 rounds to their name on Overpass. Once again, we have seen French squad go for Vertigo pick and it paid out once again. By defeating the Spanish roster on Vertigo, Heretics were crowned as Cup champions.

Who Were the Top Performs on Cup?

As always, we will provide you with everyone who performed at the highest level. Two players stepped up when it comes to overall ratings. Both Nivera and Lucky had a blast with 1.29 rating over 8 maps that they played.

Nivera and mou were also the best entry fraggers on this event. Heretics star player was successful in 71% of his opening duels while mou found success with AWP in 67% of opening duels.

We have also seen a total of 6 aces that belong to EasTor, Krad, grux, B1T, neaLaN and Lucky. It is also important to mention that we did not see Nuke played once on this event while Overpass was played 8 times in total followed by Inferno and Train.

We do hope Cyber.Bet continues to support the competitive scene, especially the non-premier-tier teams.

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