Teamfight Tactics Set 8 – Monsters Attack Preview

Mort has once again positively surprised the community with the new TFT Dev Drop where he and Meoriah talked about all the upcoming changes, adjustments and events coming to TFT as Set 8 comes closer to its release.

TFT Monsters Attack is set to release on December 7th and will take place in a city called Spatulopolis. The Set will feature new augments, traits, champions, game mechanics, events and more. With that being said, let’s get into the nitty gritty details into what’s in store for TFT’s next Set.

TFT Monsters Attack

TFT Hero Augments were an absolute W

When TFT first introduced Augments many people were sceptical, even Devs themselves. Though, after initial testing it became clear to Riot that Augments quickly grew into something that the overwhelming majority of the playerbase wanted to keep. After listening to the feedback, Mort stated that Augments are not only going to stay a part of TFT mechanics but that they’ve only scratched the surface with what they can do with them.

With that in mind, we can only expect augments to make an even bigger impact on TFT Sets in the upcoming future. As for TFT Monsters Attack, augments aren’t just going to stay but they’ve added a little spin to them as well – Introducing an entirely new roster of Augments: Hero Augments.

Unlike the augments we’ve come accustomed to so far, Hero Augments only buff a specific unit, allowing you to make that chosen unit a superhero (or supervillain). The Hero Augment selections can replace any of the original three Augment rounds, but they’re only offered once per game. Every unit in the game will have 2 hero augments specific to them, which will give players a chance for a more strategic playstyle with higher stakes than before.

Augment TFT

TFT Set 8 Monsters Attack Gameplay and New Traits

In the recently released Dev Drop, Mort talks about some of the familiar fan favorites like Mechs and Star Guardian traits once again entering the TFT Arena as well as some new traits that we’ll do a quick rundown of:

  • Threats

Threats is the first TFT trait that is not really considered a trait at all. What do we mean by that? Unlike other traits, Threats don’t have any synergy with other Threats units, nor do they provide bonuses to your overall team. To compensate, threats units are by design, more powerful than other units. On top of that, we’re finally seeing Ramus hit his TFT debut as part of the Threats.

  • Anima Squad 

To all the players who love a good cinematic finisher with their Chibis, you’re going to love the new Anima Squad trait!

With each takedown an Anima Squad unit gets during player combat they pause to strike a pose! Each pose struck grants your units a stack of fame, and each stack of fame permanently gives your Anima Squad units Ability Power and Attack Damage that increases at each trait breakpoint.

  • Admin 

A customisable trait? We like the sound of that! The Admin trait allows you to be in charge and costumize the cause and effect of the trait. Each cause you pick, you’ll be able to pair with an effect. For instance; you can pick “At the start of combat” as your cause with “Trigger a chance to drop gold” to play the Admin trait as an econ trait that provides you with additional gold each round.

With a total of 7 causes and 7 effects to choose from, it’ll be interesting to see what the Admin trait is capable of.

  • Underground

The Underground units are a group of rapscallions that are always scheming to pull off a big heist. With each player combat you’ll get closer to completing your heist, getting 1 progress point for every win and 2 points for every loss. Each time you hit 7 progress points you’ll be offered a reward. You can decide to take what is offered or keep stacking for more powerful rewards.

  • Ox Force

While Mort has not given any direct information of the trait itself, we got some insight on the leader of the Force – Aphelios.

The so-called gun maestro and sad boy Aphelios is staying in yet another TFT set, although more authentic than before. This time around he comes with a custom trait, Arsenal, that allows you to swap between weapons to change his ability similar to the “og” champion.

  • Star Guardian 

The return of the fan favorite, heroic trait that we all both love and hate (depending on whether we’re playing with or against Star Guardians).

Star Guardians have always, in one way or another, interacted with mana, and they continue to do just that in the new TFT Set. However, instead of distributing mana to each other, they will generate more mana and you go up in trait breakpoints.

I sense some game breaking things happening with this one.

TFT Roadmap – New Events, Mid Season and 2023 Dev Map

After going through all the cool new traits and their effects, it’s time to look at what the future holds for Teamfight Tactics in 2023. At the end of the Dev Drop, we were given a little sneak peek of what the Devs have in mind:

TFT in 2023

As we’ve already mentioned, the new TFT Monsters Attack Set is coming at the beginning of December. After that, we’re looking at a year’s worth of content planned for the community. Targeted for early 2023, a new TFT Event launches that includes a new limited-time game mode for players to enjoy.

In addition to that, from a new Mid-Set coming in March of 2023 to a whole new set planned for the Summer, we’ve got a lot to look forward to.

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