The Finals Players Are Raging At ‘100 Hour’ Battle Pass

The Finals has proven to be a successful venture for Embark Studios, and it hasn’t even been on the market for a month. In this free-to-play, destructive shooter, players are tasked with going up against one another in some innovative, fast-paced game modes. It’s built with a competitive foundation in mind, and it fuses the most popular elements of some top-tier shooters, producing a result that’s enjoyable to play and looks great on the surface.

However, the latest bugbear for gamers getting neck-deep into The Finals is the lengthy battle pass, which reportedly takes up to 100 hours to be completed in full. It’s a gargantuan task and many of the game’s more casual players are in dismay at the fact that they simply won’t have enough time to finish the battle pass – nor do they want to grind that much every season.

One Huge Task

the finals battle pass

The Final secured 10 million players in just two weeks, and many of those players have stayed on post-launch and are still enjoying what the game has to offer. There’s a constant spree of development being applied by Embark Studios, who seem to be working tirelessly to ensure the game’s evolution is community-focused. In recent days, some players found themselves wrongfully banned because of an indiscriminate ban wave that was rolled out to target cheaters – but Embark was quick to right those wrongs.

At present, players are finding themselves struggling with the mighty paid battle pass in The Finals. It boasts almost one hundred tiers and offers plenty of juicy bonuses and rewards, but it’s taking players far too long to ascend the levels. In some cases, players are reporting that it’s taking more than an hour per level – which is a staggering duration. When it’s compared to other games like Overwatch 2, Call of Duty, and Fortnite, it’s just far too long and ‘anti-casual’.

It’ll need to be tweaked for sure, as free-to-play games are only financially viable because of microtransactions and paid battle passes. If the situation isn’t addressed and more players are turned off from buying the battle pass, it could have dire implications further down the line. After all, it’s great receiving a string of bonuses, but nobody wants to endlessly grind to unlock them, especially when the best items are kept exclusively toward the end of the battle pass chain.

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