Three CSGO picks to place bets on during the holiday weekend

Just because the holidays are upon us, does not mean CSGO is not played in full force across the globe. We found three CSGO betting picks that you can make during the holiday weekend, and turn a nice profit while opening your Christmas presents.

The CSGO odds in today’s selection are courtesy of GG.BET.

Älihan “w1nt3r” Köpjanov

hxh vs Unique

For our first holiday weekend pick, we have found a very safe bet that you can add to any accumulator you planned wagering on. Unique is a roster that has been around for a while now. They are competing in a lower-tier CSGO right now, but they are holding their own.

On the other hand, hxh is a squad built only for this event and we can rightfully say that they are amateurs, at least once compared to Unique. From the information, we gathered, hxh will not have much to offer in this match, and here is why.

Their previous matches are unknown while Unique played against solid rosters like DBL Poney, Skade, K23, etc. Their map pool is also stacked and they will have a variety of maps to choose from which can’t be said for hxh.

Sadly, odds reflect this situation and betting sites are confident that Unique will win this match easily. Right now, there is no value betting on Unique to win this match hence why we are going for a 2-0 bet which is more rewarding.

Prediction: Unique to win 2-0
Odds: 1.35

The Black Company vs Team Renewal

During the MESA League Season 2, Team Renewal looked really good. Right now, they have won three straight without dropping a map. That in itself says a lot regarding this prediction. The Black Company, however, started slowly, but they showed signs of life.

There really is not much to say about this prediction. The Black Company is nowhere near the skill level of Team Renewal and we are going to see them struggling in this bout. In our opinion, map veto will not play a big factor in this match, even if The Black Company gets a good map for themselves, we do not see them coming out on top over the course of three maps.

Prediction: Team Renewal to win
Odds: 1.30

Tribunal Gaming vs StarzzZ

In this match, two teams with 0-1 scorelines are clashing head to head in order to see who will still have a chance to advance through to the playoffs. In our opinion, StarzzZ is favored for a reason and we completely agree with betting sites.

In their first match, Tribunal Gaming did not offer much against DOGE. The worst thing about that match is that Tribunal Gaming won 1(one) round on Nuke and 4(four) rounds on Mirage. This says it all about their skill ceiling.

StarzzZ, however, did not look as bad. Even though they got battered on the third map, they showed that they can hold their own on Mirage. By beating Tribunal Gaming, StarzzZ is setting itself up with a solid chance of advancing through to the playoffs. From our point of view, Tribunal Gaming is a very bad team. Do not get me wrong, StarzzZ are not amongst the best in this event either, but they for sure have much more to offer than Tribunal.

All in all, odds on StarzzZ are solid. Given the fact that we favor them in every aspect of the game, we would be crazy if we missed out on this bet.

Prediction: StarzzZ to win
Odds: 1.65

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