Thunderpick Bitcoin Series Dota 2 with yet another Bitcoin prized event

The Thunderpick Bitcoin Series Dota 2 as is the newest tournament with a prize pool exclusively in Bitcoin. Specifically, it’s 2 Bitcoin worth of prize pool, with at least $50,000 at stake. However, as exhilarating as cryptocurrencies fluctuate, that 2 Bitcoin could be worth way more (or less) during and after the tournament.

Betting provider Thunderpick is no stranger to sponsoring esports events. Earlier this year, we had the Bitcoin CS:GO Series as well, and it seems there’s more to come.

Thunderpick Bitcoin Series Dota 2 Format and Teams

Thunderpick Bitcoin Series Dota 2 kicks off its two open qualifiers, happening on July 2-3 and July 9-10 respectively. Teams across the Epulze platform, regardless of level, can participate in the qualifiers. The matches are of single-elimination best-of-one series, except the semifinals and grand finals as best-of-threes.

Two qualifiers are set to run starting next week. Both are open to all participants. Even you can register to the qualifiers with your clan:

Register for open qualifier

A plus side of participating in these qualifiers is that there’s an additional $1000 for the winner of each qualifier. And of course, winners secure a spot at the Main Stage too.

Thunderpick Bitcoin Series Dota 2 Open Qualifier bonus

Thunderpick Bitcoin Series Dota 2 Open Qualifier bonus

The Main Stage spans from July 11-31, just ahead of the Dota 2 Arlington Major. Sixteen teams (including two winners from open qualifiers) will compete in a Swiss system. The Main Stage will conclude with the top-eight teams advancing to the Final Stage, where they will be joined by two additional guest teams.

Speaking of teams, the fourteen invitees include Quincy Crew, Nouns Esports, Wildcard Gaming, simply2BASED, Felt, Hokori, Arkosh Gaming, Team DogChamp, KBU.US, and The Cut. The rest are still pending announcement, but what’s available is already a fine selection.

We currently do not have official confirmation day division and schedule for the Final Stages of this event.

Noteworthy participants

Quincy Crew is a team that has often gone neck-to-neck against Evil Geniuses and TeamSoloMid. Oftentimes, getting the short end of the stick when it comes to securing top-two finishes. Their recent roster change, or specifically reunion of its founding members, was a turning point. Quincy Crew hasn’t been very successful since their latest roster, so the decision to spot the same line-up is well-received.

Wildcard Gaming also lives up to its name when they became the wildcards that defeated EG, the NA powerhouse during DPC Tour 1. Even if the top three is heavily dominated by EG, Quincy Crew, and TSM, Wildcard’s journey into the top league is a commendable feat.

Hokori is another team to look at, even though they are not having the best of times in their regional Dota Pro Circuit Tour currently. Compared to most competitors they still rank quite highly on our power rankings and can make a great “dark horse” for anyone seeking to utilize their Thunderpick Bonus to the fullest.

Finally, Nouns Esports are an interesting take on blockchain meets Dota 2. Nouns DAO signed 4 Zoomers, which was famed to be among the North American powerhouses, in terms of performance. The Nouns’ deal was all it took for them to sustain their competitive career and perhaps a stable revenue to consistently improve. As for the team, Nicolas “Gunnar” Lopez and David “Moo” Hull are the key pieces driving their success. It’s true what they say: blockchain and cryptocurrencies are changing esports for the better.

Betting at Thunderpick Bitcoin Series Dota 2

What better way to immerse yourself into the action than Dota 2 betting. It is synonymous with Esports these days, and odds are, you would have better luck betting on a team like Quincy Crew to win than waiting for Ethereum to hit their all-time high this year.

Furthermore, Thunderpick wouldn’t be your exclusive esports betting platform if we can’t use Bitcoin to bet. In fact, Thunderpick offers swift transfers for various popular cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tron, and Litecoin.

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