T1 vs Vici Gaming – TI10 Match Analysis & Predictions

T1 vs VG are set to brawl for $400,000 in prize funds increase and a shot at a deep run into the bracket.

Fans expected a potential brawl between former T1 members “Abed” Azel L. Yusop and Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang and their host organization. But ViCi Gaming had other plans, as they sent them home in the lower bracket series of the International 10. The Chinese organization now seeks to dethrone the SEA champions and book themselves a spot at the quarter-final.

Let’s breakdown the upcoming match and set our predictions.


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ViCi Gaming vs T1 Match Breakdown

For starters, T1 is the talk of the town after giving PSG.LGD a run for their money in the upper bracket. As the team continues their Ti10 journey in the lower bracket, the SEA squad does not fear any opponent.

Unlike the many powerhouses in Ti10, T1’s Dota 2 line-up is relatively new, and it’s also the organization’s first Ti debut. Boasting an exceptional team of young guns, T1 is set to make SEA proud again. In fact, they did showcase some moves during the WePlay AniMajor, concluding with a second runner-up victory. However, they have quite a sloppy group stage start before regaining their form in the playoffs.

On the other side, there is VG, whose questionable playstyle has raised concerns among fans on the team’s performance. Just when we anticipated EG to sweep the floor with them, the Chinese powerhouse surprised everyone with a clutch 2-1 victory. They are certainly no pushover team heading into today’s match with T1. They were fourth-place at the WePlay AniMajor, after all. However, VG fans do hope that the squad snapped out of their unorthodox playstyle, and stick to their roots.

T1 vs VG Hero draft and Potential picks

It’s one spicy series, notably for T1, who probably wants revenge for their fallen brethren. Unlike many team compositions, where the support player is the captain. T1 stands out for having Carlo “Kuku” Palad, the offlane player as captain instead. While this may seem like a bad thing, it turns out Kuku’s greedy drafting revolving around his hero picks and combos, works well. He wouldn’t be the only one defining T1, but the duo supports, Kenny “Xepher” Deo and Matthew “Whitemon” Filemon too. The duo is infamously known for being phenomenal support players, who specialize in long-range support.

Common support picks that we could see from T1, are Winter Wyvern, Snapfire and Disruptor. These are supports that can give impactful outcomes in fights while remaining relatively safe from harms’ way. Thai prodigy, Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon performs what he does best as a hard carry. Frankly, the young lad has grown a lot since his early debut last year, and more matured in his playstyle.

VG, however, prefers sticking with meta picks, namely Void Spirit, Monkey King, coupled with a late-game assurance, such as Spectre. Perhaps we can finally understand why T1 strives in the current meta, where elusive heroes are the norm. When a Void Spirit or Spectre dives into a fight, the last thing T1 wants is for their squishy supports caught off-guard. If we didn’t know any better, losing your ally support is never a great start to any fight.

Even so, VG isn’t the most aggressive team in TI10, and remain close to their classic objective-based style. We can expect late-game hard carry picks like Terrorblade or Medusa to be last picks, which T1 anticipates already.

T1 vs VG Betting Markets & Odds

Looking at the hype-backed T1, it’s easy to hop onto the bandwagon to bet on the SEA powerhouse’s victory. However, the Dota 2 odds on both sides are relatively even at x1.90 returns, if it’s only about the general winner of this series. However, we can expect a full three-game series from the two candidates, as three-quarters of the two teams’ matches are full courses. Either side’s 2:1 victory will gain you x3.59 returns, so it’s definitely worth the risk.

Consider niche betting slips, such as the Map 1 Total Kills to be under 40.5 kills, which will root you x3.14 returns. VG isn’t particularly fancy with bloodshed and has an average Match Total Kills of 40 throughout the Ti10. T1, on the other hand, can be aggressive at times, but we did do the math on their past matches and got a similar average too.

In favor of VG, a bet on Map 1 – VG total kills to be more than 30.5 can root you x3.04 returns too.

Map 1 duration will be a long one since this is an elimination match and no team would want to surrender too early. That mental warfare applies to the winning team too, as we see teams, no matter how big their lead, are disciplined enough to not overextend their fights. Any duration over 41.5 minutes will earn at least x2.73 returns.

These betting markets are exclusively available on GG.BET.

All in all, both teams are formidable enough to hold their own. But, we will give T1 the slight edge here, given the adrenaline rush these boys have whenever they play good Dota. We will just have to see which team will be continuing their lower bracket run at 6 PM (UTC+8) on October 15.

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