Trackmania Nations: The ultimate racer gets a facelift May 5th

Trackmania Nations defined the early 2000s esports scene as the premier racer at tournaments. Both the Esports World Cup (ESWC) and the World Cyber Games (WCG) held competitions in the title at one time or another. Nadeo’s crown jewel attracted esports aficionados from all across the globe, as they strived to reach the best race time in competitive settings.

The title and competitive scene however, slowly died down in the 2010s. Only a handful of dedicated players and fans followed and participated in the competitive scene. Furthermore, only Adrien “Zerator” Nougaret held the mantle of supreme Trackmania legend in the scene. His Trackmania Zrt Cup was and remains the premier championship for the small and dedicated following of this title.

This are about to change dramatically however. Enter Trackmania Nations 2020.

Trackmania Nations 2020

We don’t really know if the title will just be Trackmania Nations or contain something else right now. Zerator himself was part of the promo event happening during the Grand League Finals in Lyon, France. The promo featured the short teaser shown above and an pre-alpha early sneak peak at how the game drives.

Being a former Trackmania Nations player myself and competing back in the glory days, Ubisoft’s decision to remake the title resonates with me on so many levels. I’ve had similar response from former athletes themselves. What I am getting at here is that, we might be facing a rebirth of premier esport title this year.

Ubisoft already announced the game would be a part of the Trackmania Zrt Cup 2020 happening in Paris HotelsAccor Arena on June 13. With the Trackmania scene divided between all eight titles, I believe we might finally get a title that consolidates all players under one game.

“Community events and professional tournaments will have easy in-game access and will be advertised on tracks, bringing the fantasy of esports to Trackmania.” – Florent “Hylis” Castelnerac, Nadeo

Trackmania Nations 2020

© Ubisoft | Trackmania Nations

Trackmania Esports

Trackmania Nations is made for esports. The original title was created together with ESWC for the sole purpose of promoting and pushing both brands forward. Additionally, the esports scene already has a pretty decent grasp of rules and regulations for Trackmania competition. And finally, Trackmania Grand League is the newly established premier competition for the title and already finished its inaugural season.

Don’t be surprised if come summer we have a massive boom in the esports scene with this remake. Esport organisations are already looking out for potential talent. Furthermore, bookmakers are likely to quickly add the title in their portoflio.

If you are a racing game fan or a former Trackmania player, note down 5th of May on your calendar. We are adding a special Trackmania corner to our News section fairly soon.