Sonii and aceu draft insane rosters for Twitch Rivals Valorant Series 1

Twitch Rivals Valorant Series is kicking off a two-week long streamer focused event today. Eight teams will battle for a $50,000 pot, with each win worth $1000 + some placement prizes at the end of it all. Naturally, you can watch the series on the official Twitch Rivals channel.

The competition features eight streamer drafted teams, battling in two groups before the best teams advance into Playoffs. You can watch this event through streamer’s individual channels as well, and see things from their perspective.

Twitch Rivals Valorant Series

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Twitch Rivals: Valorant Series 1 Groups

The 8 teams are split into two groups of four. Group A, features teams led by QuarterJade, Sonii, ploo, FearItsSelf. Group B will consist of teams drafted by aceu, moczy, Ray__C, and Tiffae. In order not to list the full drafted rosters of each team, this handy Liquipedia page contains all the info you will need.

A common criticism of previous Twitch Rivals competitions was that the teams are often unbalanced, with an obvious favourite in each event. A quick look on social media shows that that will probably be an issue again this time.

Team aceu features TenZ and kyedae, Redami and Blaustoise, and a lot of their fans are sure they’ll win quite easily. The other team favoured highly is Team Sonii. They are in separate groups, so it’s not unrealistic to assume they may end up in the Finals together. Sonii has players Laski, iiTzTimmy, sgares and Shiphtur on it – plenty of talent here as well.

However, Team ploo is also a very strong contender in Group B. Featuring Jake’N’Bake, agito, kyro, deky and ploo himself. This team will likely battle with Sonii for the top spot in their group.

The Schedule

The Group Stage starts on February 24th with each team of players fighting two matches on the first day. Play then continues on March 3rd, with the second day of the group stage, as well as the quarterfinals.

On March 10th, the Semifinals and Finals will mark the end of the Twitch Rivals Valorant Series 1. Until then, however, fans can focus on the first day of the group stage competition. The round-robin bo3 group stage will see the top 3 teams of each of the two groups advancing to the later stages of the event.

Here are some noteworthy streamers that you should check out during the Group Stage.

Two of NRG’s contracted streamers, flexinja and aceu will be competing – but on different teams. The same is true for two Cloud9 players and two Gen.G ones respectively. TenZ and keeoh will be on separate teams, as will be ploo and seangares.

In the end, Twitch Rivals promises some good fun as North American VCT teams are recouping ahead of Challengers 3 in March. Tune in at Twitch Rivals tonight for all the streamer flexing coming our way.

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