Twitch unveils new Versus organizer tools

If you’re an independent competitive esports organizer, you know the headache of setting up a tournament. You might do a google sheet for registration, something like BracketHQ or for the bracket management, and then if you want to grow your audience and stream you have to deal with the additional headache of figuring out your stream set-up.

Twitch is trying to make all of that easier with a new suite of organizer tools called Versus. With Versus, competitive organizers will be able to set up registration, tournament brackets, and streaming all within Twitch— making it easier for pro and amateur organizers alike to plan and host live tournament broadcasts.

Twitch Versus Beta

© Twitch

It’ll be interesting to see how Twitch continues to assert itself as the go-to source for esports after YouTube Gaming signed exclusive streaming contracts with Activision for its esports titles Overwatch and Call of Duty earlier this year. Beyond the Versus tools, Twitch also hosts weekly Rivals events that pitch top streamers against pros.

We’ll have to wait to see whether Versus cements Twitch as the ultimate esports platform, but it’s certain to be a boon for independent and professional organizers alike.

Versus is currently in closed beta and offered only to some collegiate leagues and Twitch partners. A waitlist is however available for the early adopter.

Versus Beta by Twitch

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