UKETC – New committee forms to elevate esports in the UK

Esports have been booming in popularity over the past few years. While media, culture and even parents might have neglected gaming as a professional career before, things are certainly different today. While in the past, esports events tended to be quite scarce, and competitive events would only be held a few times a year.

They would be done in a regional manner of American, European, and Asian championships, only to top it off with an international World Championship event. This was all the competition one could experience in esports for most games out there. However, today, esports is becoming so popular, that the competition is starting to develop on a national level, which is where the UKETC comes in for the UK.


What is the UKETC?

The United Kingdom Esports Team Committee is a collective of UK-based esports teams that came together to form a not-for-profit organization of like-minded individuals. The aim of the organization is to progress and grow the UK esports industry and represent the voices of teams within a wider industry discussion.

Since the UK is considered globally as one of the most successful and professional regions for competitive video gaming, it is their goal to ensure the nation that the UK esports industry is appropriately represented in video gaming and the video gaming industry alike.

They provide education in developing the awareness of understanding career pathways for talented individuals within the UK esports industry by working for a professional esports team. As people are the key focus, they are collaborating with the UK Higher Education sector, to ensure that esports-related education is being provided.

While the committee started out with only seven initial organizations in the summer of 2021: Fnatic, Excel, Endpoint, MNM Gaming, London Spitfire, London Royal Ravens, and Vexed Gaming; there are a total of twelve teams now, and more can apply to join.

Is this a good thing?

Considering that this committee is supported by the British Esports Association, this is certainly a good thing. Even if esports have soared in popularity, there are still people who do not consider video gaming to be a serious thing, and with a committee like this, some of those opinions will definitely change.

Of course, while this is certainly a phenomenal thing, there is also a downside to it, like it is in all things, and that is if the general view of esports overpromises what it can actually give to an individual who makes a choice to pursue esports in their life.

Many young individuals who are inspired by their favorite streamers are already prepared to give up on their education in order to chase the exciting life of competitive gaming, and while some might succeed, many will fail.

Promoting esports and introducing it to more people is definitely a good thing, and while things are great right now, lets just hope that organizations like this one can notice when their originally great and positive idea starts having a negative influence on people instead.