Victory5 looking at ten for ten and improvement over spring performance

Victory Five, the Chinese esports organisation based in Shenzhen, has been in League of Legends Pro League (LPL) since 2018 and are currently on their best run to date. With a month of the league complete and another left, Victory Five are not just on top of the table but are also undefeated.

They’ve played nine and won all of their games. They have got the highest KD ratio of 1.66 and lead the kills per game chart and deaths per game chart as well. They average 16.6 for the former and 9.9 for the latter. They’ve also killed the most towers per game with 8.6k per game and lost only 3k per game.

Victory 5 Summer 2022

This level of dominance might surpass what they achieved in the league last split, but there are quite a few games left for the round robin stages to end. During the Spring Split, they won 14 of their 16 games and ended the league on top but were ousted 3-1 in the Playoff semifinals by Top Esports. They lost to Top Esports in Round 4 of the Spring playoffs as well, which will be a bit of a concern going forward but isn’t something that should be on their minds at the moment.

V5 dominates the early game

Victory5 are yet to play Top Esports and JD Gaming, who are right on their tail, but what they’ve achieved so far is no less impressive. This is a team that’s always very quick of the mark. They have a win rate of 88.9% when they’re well ahead of the opponents in the first 15 minutes. If a team is hoping to find chinks in their armor, they’ll need to surprise them quite early in the game. Once that chance is gone, it’s a case of damage limitation for the opponent. Most of the planning will have to be done prior to the game and it can be very demoralizing for the opponent when those plans are in tatters so early into a game.

They are also constantly at the opponent, not allowing them any breathing room, with only JD Gaming having dealt more damage per minute than Victory Five. Victory Five deal 2354 per minute for this season. There are no clear weaknesses that the opposing team can prey on. The most any team can do is hope to get some luck or momentum going early doors and sustaining it for the rest of the game.

New-ish Roster, New-ish Resurgence

All the current members of the roster joined the side in December 2021 and have developed great chemistry in that short time. Bot laner, Photic, has been the star of the show since he’s joined the team. He has averaged 5.22 kills per game, 2.03 deaths per game, 6.13 assists per game with a KDA of 5.6 this calendar year.

The likes of Rookie, Karsa, Rich and ppgod haven’t been too bad either with no one having a KDA below 3. The team members from the academy have also showed up when they’ve had a chance. All of this suggests that there’s great stability within the side and a nice succession plan that should keep them competitive for many years to come. This is important for any organization hoping to keep a winning culture within the side. Recent wins against Rare Atom and Invictus Gaming were both comfortably won 2-0. They face Weibo Gaming next.

Going into their last game of the week, they are the heavy favorites, and are likely to uphold that unbeaten streak for a bit longer. Winning these games will go on to breed confidence within the side and will help them be fully prepared for tougher encounters against the likes of Top Esports and JD Gaming. It’s pretty common in all sports for teams to get a psychological edge over their opponent when they haven’t lost a match for a while.

Of course, a winning run won’t matter all that much if the team can’t go all the way. The run won’t last forever because opposition teams always find a way but Victory Five and their fans can take a lot of pride in what the team has achieved so far this season inside Summoner’s Rift.