Valorant and Pokemon Unite Approved by regulators in China

Valorant and Pokemon Unite will be soon published in China, having obtained the gaming licenses earlier this month.

After years of waiting, two of the most hyped esports titles will finally enter the Chinese region.

Image Credits | VALORANT Esports CN

Valorant and Pokemon Unite are part of the NPPA International Batch

For those who don’t know, the NPPA (National Press and Publication Administration) is the Chinese media regulator, which issues gaming licenses in order to be available within the domestic market. The NPPA resumed issuing licenses in April of this year, following an eight-month freeze. In the latest 2022 International Batch, the NPPA released a list of the latest (Dec. 10th) approved international games in China. Among those 44 titles, Valorant and Pokemon Unite have finally made it to the list: the first goes by name of Fearless Covenant, while Pokemon Unite is listed as Pokemon Rally.

Both games have been released a few years globally already, and China was the only remaining region without these two titles. With the games set to be released shortly, this could also mean that the respective esports leagues might also be set up in the near future.

Valorant, in particular, will be published by the East China Normal University (Hua Dong Shi Fan) electronic audio-visual publisher Co.,Ltd. (华东师范大学电子音像出版社有限公司) and operated by Shanghai NaYuan Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Pokemon Unite, on the other hand, will be published and operated directly by Tencent’s Shenzhen Computer Systems Co., Ltd (深圳市腾讯计算机系统有限公司), which is located in the homonymous city of Guangdong.