Valorant Battle Pass Rewards and Leaks for Episode 3 Act 2

New map, new skins, a new agent and more await you in the newest Valorant Battle Pass. Episode 3, act 2, has a tentative release date of September the 8th release date according to Riot Games.

Riot extended the EP3: Act 1 Valorant battle pass end date by two weeks in order to let players progress further into their battle passes instead of not having one to progress in for a couple of weeks. It seems that is Riot’s way of handling battle passes; No dead air between them. To fans of Valorant, this is a welcome continuation of their policies.

Valorant Episode 3 Act 2

Valorant Episode 3 Act 2

Valorant Content leaks

Several people have speculated at a new map being released due to new background artwork being featured in Valorant’s Night Market. This went on to be confirmed, with images and gameplay leaked to certain content creators, and eventually a full blown trailer, paired with “ordered” content about Riot’s new innovative map design. The map will be named “Fracture” and the trailer dropped yesterday.

The trailer was followed by a Map/Radar leak from the map and all areas.

Valorant Fracture Radar Leak

Valorant Fracture Map Leak

The next rumour that has been leaked is a new playable Agent: The new agent seems to be called Deadeye. Many speculate that the name implies the character will be a duelist, as deadeye refers to an accurate and dangerous shooter. Based on the recent trailer, Deadeye might be the one narrating the trailer, meaning he is likely Francophone in origin.

The new agent is likely arriving two weeks after Act 2 release, or September 22.

Deadeye Valorant

Potential Deadeye looks based on leaks

On top of the new map and agent, the new battle pass will feature three new and stunning weapon skin sets.


The Porcelain collection features softer looking skins when compared to some of the currently available lines. With soft edges and thinly drawn and light designs, the Porcelain collection is a must have for those who like a mellow feel to their weapons. It will be available for the Bucky, Ghost, Marshal and Phantom as well as a new sabre-like melee weapon. It will be available in Blue, Red, White and Green variations.


A direct opposite of the Porcelain skins, Electroflux has a very futuristic and hard edged theme. With harsh, bright colours and ridged edges on the weapons, this will be for the players who like to run and gun without looking back. The Guardian, Odin, Operator and Vandal will be the featured weapons for this skin. Which is fitting in regards to the feel of the skins.


Nothing complex about the Walnut skins. A nice dull, leathery vibe makes these skins look like your grampas old rifles that are kept in his basement. This skin is for the players who don’t like the default skins but don’t want anything flashy either. The Walnut skin will be available for the Judge, Sheriff, Bulldog and the Stinger.

Valorant Skins Episode 3 Act 2

Upcoming skins in Valorant EP:3 Act 2 Battle Pass

Similar to past battle passes, this one will feature new fun gun buddies, meme sprays and beautiful players cards alike. Be sure to check them out when you unlock them through Valorant battle pass rewards.

The Valorant battle pass price will be 1000 Valorant points, which is about 10$ USD. While leveling up your battle pass, make sure to check out the upcoming Berlin Major in competitive Valorant for items drop and potentially betting on Valorant games.

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