State of Valorant Game Changers going to Series 3 and Champions

Valorant Game Changers is a true game changer for women all over the globe. Even though they’ve always been underrepresented in the field of gaming, a vast majority of Riot’s player base consists of women. Through the Valorant Game Changers, Riot is directly supporting female Valorant teams and encouraging women to pursue a career in the gaming and esports industry.

Alongside creating opportunities and exposure for women within the Valorant competitive scene, Valorant Game Changer’s main goal is to build towards a Champions Tour that is more representative of its community.

We are almost at the end of the season, and all eyes are pointed towards the season finale in November.

Guild Esports Game Changers

Key lessons from VCT Game Changers Series 3

While the Game Changers EMEA Series 3 has already taken place, the Playoffs gave us a hint on what to expect at the global final.

G2 Gozen and Guild Esports have taken the spotlight in EMEA this time around after crushing their opponents and snowballing their way to a win streak. In both Series 1 and Series 2, G2 Gozen took the crown and brought their streak up to three victories in a row. They sent Guild Esports into the lower bracket, but ultimate lost the final against them.

These two teams have been at each-other’s throats throughout the season, and it’s perfect they are EMEA’s representatives for the final.

As for the VCT 2022: Game Changes NA Series 3, they begin in October with a shared prize pool of $50 000. Cloud9 White seem to be the favourites to take home the prize after placing 1st in Series 1 and 2. Though, after their success in the first two Series, they parted ways with their coach and one of their Initiators Annie. Will that affect their overall performance in the upcoming event or will they crush it once again?

Meanwhile, the LATAM finals are scheduled for October 22nd with KRÜ Fem and FirePower fighting for a spot at the main event.

Last leg of Series before the global Game Changers Finale

Once again, this year we’ve been seeing teams from around the world compete through regional events for their chance to earn a spot in the first global Game Changers event. Only the best of the best women’s teams will compete against one another for the title of the Valorant Game Changers World Champion.

Let’s take a look at the revealed slots for the tournament:

  • North America: 2 slots
  • EMEA: 2 slots
  • LATAM: 1 slot
  • Brazil: 1 slot
  • East Asia: 1 slot
  • APAC: 1 slot

The tournament will feature 8 of the best teams across 6 regions who will compete against each other for the crown. To make things more interesting, NA and EMEA will have an intense time competing since they get 2 slots each. The slots were based on the competitiveness and player population of the regions.

Game Changers Champions competing in Berlin!

After Series 3 ends and the prime 8 teams have been determined, the first ever women’s Valorant Championship will begin in Berlin. From November 15 to 20, this major tournament will feature teams playing through a double elimination bracket in a LAN setting. The playoffs will be following a best of three system, while the finals will be conducted on a best of five maps rule.
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