Luminosity exits Valorant, L1nk leaves Team Liquid

Like every esports branch, VALORANT is changing and developing very quickly. Unexpected news emerges out of nowhere. It is very difficult to follow these developments without missing something. That’s why we bring you the highlights of last week.

News You Might Missed Last Week - VALORANT Highlights

Luminosity Gaming exits VALORANT

The VALORANT scene is still very new. And the difficulties of being new sometimes push teams to make different decisions. In the past, we have witnessed that some organizations have stopped their VALORANT operations. Now, a similar news has come from North America.

Luminosity Gaming, who entered the scene on August 14, 2020, announced that they left VALORANT with a statement they shared on his social media accounts. The team stated that this decision was not an easy one and announced that they could reconsider this decision according to the 2023 plans that Riot Games will announce.

Luminosity Gaming have let their current roster fight under the same banner until they find another organization. After this news, all players and technical staff began to look for another team.

Riot Games has not yet fully incorporated third-party tournaments into the VALORANT ecosystem. This means that there is no other high-level platform to compete for teams that fail on the VALORANT Champions Tour. This causes teams to leave the stage one by one.

L1NK leaves Team Liquid

The change in Team Liquid continues. After parting ways with long-time team coach Sliggy right after the VCT 2022 Stage 1 Masters, the team continued its restructuring with a substitution. L1NK, who has been on the roster since the first day of the Team Liquid squad, was taken to the bench by the team. Dreamas, who was in the reserve position in OG LDN UTD, was brought in as a replacement.

Dreamas will be with the team until the end VCT Stage 2. It is not certain whether he will continue with the team after that. On the other hand, L1NK stated that he will make a statement about his future soon.

Rawkus replaces SicK in Sentinels

Sentinels just can’t fix themselves. The team has been in a huge dawnfall for a long time and no one knows when this will end. Including themselves. This poor performance did not end at VCT 2022 Stage 2 as well. First, the team got off to a very bad start to the group stage. Both the game strategies and individual performances fell short of expectations.

That being the case, the Sentinels haven’t even gotten a win in the group stage yet. On top of that, last week TenZ due to disease and SicK due to a family situation could not be with the team. This bad news has dealt the Sentinels another blow.

Later, the organization released another weekday statement, announcing that SicK had taken a long-term leave from the roster to resolve family problems and that coach Rawkus will replace him until the end of the season. Sentinels lost 2-0 in their FaZe Clan match after this statement.