Can ORDER improve where Bonkers failed

ORDER has consistently finished as a top two team in the OCE Valorant space, representing the region’s longest standing top force. While they have been bested in the past, their loss against Wildcard gaming in 2021 had been against a fellow established team. This makes the VCT OCE Stage 1 especially interesting, with ORDER placing second due to a 1-3 loss in the finals against BONKERS, a new team.


Image Credits | ORDER

Following a first place finish in the VCT OCE Stage 1, BONKERS had earned a ticket to represent the region’s only seed in the VCT APAC Stage 1 Challengers event. Unfortunately, BONKERS just fell short of getting out of the group stage. While close to making it into the knockouts stage, it was nevertheless a disappointing outcome given OCE’s top team failed to compete with teams even against the third seeds from other regions.

RDeeW and WRONSKI join the team

This gives rise to the question, did BONKERS truly represent OCE as the region’s top team, or did they fluke out a win against ORDER? Given ORDER’s consistency and strength in the past, many believe ORDER would be able to compete against the top teams in APAC. In an effort to ensure they do not fall behind, ORDER signed two new players following the retirement of tucks, bringing on RDeeW and WRONSKI.

With ORDER and Bonkers now competing in group A in the VALORANT Oceania Tour 2022: Stage 2, they are set to face each other again for the first time since the finals match this weekend. ORDER remains as strong as ever, currently undefeated in the group stage. While the two teams are assured to enter the next stage, the winner will earn themselves an advantageous seeding into playoffs.