How to enable Secure Boot for VALORANT?

Recently, VALORANT announced their 20th edition of the Night Market in the game. It provides players of the game an opportunity to buy more skins but what if they can’t log into the game? In 2024, there have been instances where players cannot log into VALORANT due to a secure boot issue. This issue often takes place when a player installs VALORANT on a new system. There are various reasons for this issue to occur. In this article, let’s take a look at all the steps to enable Secure Boot for VALORANT on a PC.

VALORANT Secure Boot

Image Credits: Riot Games

How to enable Secure Boot for VALORANT in 2024?

Many might wonder what secure boot is. Think of it as a given VALORANT Agent’s Kevlar vest, adding an extra layer of security against malware and cheats. After this has been enabled, users will not be able to cheat in the game. Thus, allowing there to be fair means of gameplay within the competitive scene in a given tournament.

Premier is going to be the platform for underdogs to get an opportunity to play in the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Challengers of their respective regions. It must be stated that it’s quite crucial now that security measures are applied. Below are all the steps to enable Secure Boot in VALORANT in 2024:

Power down your computer: To get started with Secure Boot, turn off your computer. Click on the Start button, select Power, and then Shutdown. This will make sure that your computer is completely shut off before continuing to the BIOS configuration.

Accessing the BIOS:  Now, depending on the make and model of your computer, you’ll need to press a particular button to open the BIOS settings. The most common keys are either F2, F11, Delete, or sometimes F6. You can find out which button is right for your system by reading the user manual of your computer or by doing a quick online search.

Navigating the BIOS:  The first thing players will see when they go into the BIOS settings is a screen that looks very unique depending on the manufacturer of their motherboard. However, the goal within each of them is to enable Secure Boot. To find Secure Boot, go to the Advanced setting within your BIOS. One will usually find the Secure Boot configuration within this section.

Enable Secure Boot: Once players have found the Advanced setting, they will need to search the Secure Boot setting. Some systems will be rather easy to discover, while others will need fans of VALORANT to dig into various sections and tabs to find it. Once it has been located, click Secure Boot and ensure you enable it.

Save and restart to enable it

Once fans have enabled Secure Boot, make sure to save the settings after the required changes. It is very crucial to save one’s settings so that players can apply the recent changes you have made. The process of saving your settings may differ from BIOS to BIOS of different PCs. Generally, fans will find an option in the BIOS menu to save and exit your settings. Your computer will restart once you have saved your changes. You have now enabled Secure Boot for your system.

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