Sunset promises a fresh VALORANT experience

Valorant’s ever-expanding map pool is taking us to the sun-soaked beaches of Los Angeles with their new map, Sunset.

Visuals suggest that this map is a harmonious blend of old-world charm and modern design elements, making it a potential fan-favorite.

A Glimpse into Sunset

Valorant Sunset MinimapThe first looks at Sunset, courtesy of ValorLeaks, showcased a series of buildings that echo the classic Mission Revival architecture commonly found in sunny L.A. The map also features various landmarks, including what appears to be a theater adorned with a large “Sunset” sign, and a dilapidated building mysteriously held up by some unknown force.

The map’s periphery even includes a basketball court, multiple levels, and staircases, offering a plethora of angles that will demand your attention.

This has already stirred excitement among players who prefer a more straightforward gameplay experience. Everyone is buzzing with speculations, especially after the release of the Golden Hour player card.

VALORANT Sunset Map 3VALORANT Sunset Map 3VALORANT Sunset Map 2Sunset Valorant Map 1

Sunset Gameplay Mechanics

Sunset is expected to have two bomb sites and, interestingly, no movement gimmicks like teleporters or massive ziplines.

At the VCT Champions Finals, Riot officially released the new map trailer.

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