VALORANT Convergence 2023: True Rippers nearly take down Gen G

The first match of the VALORANT Convergence OFF//SEASON event in India saw Gen G face off against local talent True Rippers. While most expected this match to be a one-sided affair, the home team put up a formidable show, almost bringing Gen G to their knees. In this article, we will look at how Gen G won in this intense B03 against True Rippers.

VALORANT Convergence

Image Credits: True Rippers

Did True Rippers Choke In The Game Against Gen G?

True Rippers is a Tier 2 squad from India. Since they built their new roster for the off-season, they have been one of the best teams in the region. 

They first proved their might by winning the Indian closed qualifier to book a spot at the VALORANT Convergence. Gen G, on the other hand, is a team consisting of some of the best Korean players in the world. This year, they have fielded a new roster with players like Texture and Munchkin.

The first match took place on the map of Lotus which was the map pick of Gen G. The first half ended with a score of 6-6. Aryu from True Rippers was on a roll getting 4 kills in two rounds as well as ending that half with a KDA of 20/7/2. 

Ultimately, True Rippers took map one with the score of 13-9 with Aryu ending the game with a K:D ratio of 31:12. 

Moving on to map two, this was played on Ascent and we could see the old Gen G back with a bang. They swept the map of Heaven with ease with t3xture the Ex Global Esports player ending the game with a KDA of 22/8/4. 

This took the series to a third, decider game. 

VALORANT Convergence 2023: Gen G Make The Clutch At The Very End

VALORANT Convergence

Image Credits: Riot Games

Map 3, played on Haven and was a game of two halves. The first half belonged to True Rippers, who, quite surprisingly, started with all guns blazing ending the half with a score of 9-3. Indian VALORANT veteran Deathmaker was leading the charge on Killjoy with a KDA of 15/6/7. 

The experienced Gen G roster, though, weren’t going to let this game go away so easily. True to the 9-3 curse, they initiated their comeback from a score of 11-5 to 11-12. They nearly won the game in the 24th round by Techno made a last-minute swing to get the kill and go to overtime. 

But, it was too late by then as Gen G took the next 2 rounds and won the series 2-1. While the series was one by Gen G, the talk of the town has been True Rippers, a relatively unknown tier-two team, making their mark against a partnered team’s roster. 

Gen G will next face FUT Esports in the OFF//SEASON VALORANT Convergence. This will be the first time the two partnered teams will be up against each other. 

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