Noot Noot Disqualified From VALORANT Game Changers for Cheating

North American team Noot Noot has been unceremoniously disqualified from Valorant Game Changers after one of their players was accused of cheating. The third game against GX3 was cut short and then the series was cancelled entirely, forcing Noot Noot to forfeit.

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Source: Valorant Esports

Cheating Allegations Caused 2 Hour Delay

After a particularly impressive clutch in round 2 that saw Malibu kill 4 members of GX3 in quick succession, the match was paused. What followed was a 2 hour delay. Very little information was given before ultimately, it was announced that Noot Noot was to forfeit the match.

The official decision was announced to fans via Twitter. It confirmed that the team had been found in violation of the Valorant Game Changers Rules and Regulations. This meant that the match was immediately forfeit and the team disqualified.

noot noot disqualified VCT GC

Official statement by Riot Games regarding Noot Noot

Other players in Noot Noot were quick to jump to their own defence. They claimed they had no idea that any cheating was taking place.

Xann even confirmed they only met Malibu 2 weeks before the qualifiers took place and so had no context on the plays Malibu was making.

Teams and Players React – Valorant Game Changers Cheaters

Of course, news of cheating is hardly going to be welcomed by other teams and players in the game. Although the player in question, Malibu, was officially caught by the Riot Anti-Cheat system, the plays were eyebrow raising even to a Valorant novice.

Disguised Toast was among the first to comment after his own Game Changers squad was eliminated at the hands of Noot Noot. No decision has been announced about how this will affect previous games played in the tournament. Although it seems unlikely that any real changes will be made.

DSG Toast @DisguisedToast
>spend over 300k on developing a valorant roster
>6 months of practice and commitment from players and coaches
>flying out to multiple bootcamps
>lose to team that just got disqualified for cheating

At the point that they were disqualified, Noot Noot were fighting for their lives on map 3 of lower bracket quarterfinals. A loss would have resulted in them being eliminated from the tournament so the stakes were high. Cheating in Valorant is not common but can have devastating impacts on the game.

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“Cheating in Valorant is not common but can have devastating impacts on the game.” – are you serious? There’s a lot of cheaters in this game, they just don’t care about detecting and punishing them