Valorant release date announced along with new content

Much anticipated new release from League of Legends publisher Riot, Valorant, has finally been given a release date – and some exciting updates. The Valorant release date has been set to June 2nd this year. Fans have been waiting for a while – and now it’s finally time for the public release!

Already, a fair few people have gotten the chance to play – in fact, pros from other games have already taken a liking to the game. Especially Overwatch pros are switching to Valorant already – and that’s before the game’s 1.0 is even out.

Valorant Release Date Announced

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The Valorant Release Date announcement

Check out Valorant’s official Twitter for more info on the new game – the creators have announced that more and more info would be made available the closer we get to the Valorant release date. All accounts, as well as the Valorant ranks, will be reset during the period between the Beta and the official launch, so that everyone will be able to start with a clean slate at the same time.

In addition to the date, they also confirmed that there would be 11 Agents available at launch – down one from the intended 12 as they had balance issues with the last one. The 12th agent will still join the game at some point after launch. What we know so far about the 11th agent is that it is a female character. Well at least a character in high heels, we do not want to assume its gender.

Also confirmed was a new map inspired by CS:GO map Venice, and an entirely new game mode – though Riot hasn’t said what this mode is yet. We speculate we are getting Deathmatch at launch. After all, players have been asking for something better then the Shooting Range to get warmed up before Ranked Games. Also, based on how quickly Riot responds to player feedback, we are like 95% sure its gonna be Deathmatch.

Later during the year, Riot has already promised another content drop later in the year, complete with more skins and potentially that missing agent.

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The Valorant Beta ending May 28th

At the moment, the Valorant Beta is still ongoing. The Beta key drop system has however stopped and there is no longer a chance for you to obtain fresh beta access.  No further pathcing of the Beta client will be made. Riot has however noted that there is changes that need to be implemented. These changes will arrive on launch day. The closed Beta, if you’re part of it, will close a few days before the big launch – it’s ending on the 28th, so if you want to play your last games, you should do so quickly.

All of your store purchases will be refunded into Valorant Points and an extra 20% will be added on top. Your achievements and gun buddies will carry over, your Rank and progression however will not.

The tactical shooter will continue to use the Riot Vanguard system as its anti-cheat measure. The questionably designed system has had mixed success in catching cheaters, and it also had mixed success in turning off your background processes and computer cooling mid-operation. We are still on the fence about how effective Vanguard is and if its worth the clearance we trust it with.

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