VCL 2024 Italy Rinascimento Split 1 Playoffs – Who will be champion?

After a rollercoaster of a regular season, the VCL Italy 2024 Rinascimento will have the last showdown to determine the Split 1 champions.

VCL Italy 2024

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VCL 2024 Italy Rinascimento Split 1 Playoffs – riding the wave of enthusiasm

The VCL 2024 Italy Rinascimento marks the second year of the competition after its initial success in 2023. Aside from a live LAN at the Vodafone Theatre in Milan for the Split 2 finals, the Italian team DSYRE had a decent showing during the VALORANT Challengers Ascension, which gives access to the VCT EMEA League, showing that the Italian VALORANT league has the potential to compete with other European leagues.

The Split 1 playoff teams

Heading into 2024, DSYRE kept their status as the team to beat: an impressive undefeated run saw them take first place in the regular season, with an impressive 183-83 record.

The team’s head coach, Simone “Simoz” Giovannini, knows that the pressure is on them, as they will be facing the rising VX300 Gaming in the upper bracket. “VX3 have nothing to lose since this is their first split in the VCL,” he said. “We have been working hard by reviewing and focusing on our communication to make sure we can defend the title.”

VX300 Gaming were one of the two teams that qualified through the relegation tournament last season. While most would expect new organizations to struggle in the first year, VX3 made an exploit with a new lineup, finishing second in the standings. No one was expecting them to be that high, and now they will have the golden chance to complete the run.

The two teams in the playoffs lower bracket are NOVO Esports and Happy Game Esport (HGE). The two finished tied with an 8-6 score. On one hand, NOVO was supposed to be fighting closer to the top of the standings, but they struggled when things didn’t go exactly their way. We’ll see whether they can step it up going into playoffs. HGE, instead, are hoping they can make the upset happen like they did in the last week against VX3.

VCL 2024 Italy Rinascimento Split 1 playoffs – format and schedule

Playoffs will kick off on March 28 as VX3 and DSYRE will clash in the upper bracket. The winner of this match will get a direct ticket to the final while the other will drop to the losers’ bracket. Meanwhile, NOVO and HGE will fight to see who can advance to the next round on March 30. The losers’ bracket final will take place on April 7, with the Grand Final taking place one week later. Below you can find the schedule of the entire playoff bracket:

  • Match 1: DSYRE vs VX3 – March 28
  • Match 2: NOVO vs HGE – March 30
  • Match 3: Loser of Match 1 vs Winner of Match 2 – April 2
  • Grand Final: Winner of Match 1 vs Winner of Match 3 – April 14

With crucial VCL championship points on the line, who is going to become the champion of Rinascimento Split 1? Find out on April 14 by heading to the league’s official Twitch channel.

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