Sentinels or 100Thieves – Who gets to be king at VCT NA Stage 2 Challenger Finals

Two finals ahead of the final are coming at the VCT NA Stage 2 Challengers Finals. Sentinels meets their arch-nemesis 100Thieves in a mid-bracket banger, while Cloud9 and NRG repeat their matchup from last weekend. With two slots up for grabs for the Reykjavik VCT Masters, every win gets the teams closer to playing the first international Valorant LAN event.

The presence of a lower bracket, means teams will get a second chance to compete for a top two finish. This will present some good Valorant betting opportunities all throughout this weekend, and more informed choice can be made. The two matches at hand are in a league of their own esports odds-wise.

Let’s go through a quick round of analysis and match predictions.

VCT 100T Hiko

Spencer “Hiko” Martin

100 Thieves vs. Sentinels

100 Thieves have long been a central force in the NA Valorant scene with their first place finish in the First Strike North America. 100T also swept their competition in the Stage 2 Challenger 1 event, placing first with a stunning 3-1 finish against XSET in the finals. Sentinels on the other hand have been the most talked about team in NA Valorant for a year now. They placed first in the recent Challenger 2 tournament, after clean sweeping C9 in the finals.

The match is considered to be the final ahead of the final at the VCT. It’s likely these two teams will meet up again somewhere down the bracket. Additionally, we are witnessing a clash of the CS:GO veterans into a the Valorant arena, as both teams are built and revolve heavily around former CS:GO pros.

Will Hiko, Ethan and nitr0 edge over TenZ, SicK and ShaZaM? Overall, the Thieves have been way more consistent across the board. Much of Sentinels’ success comes from TenZ who is actually a loan player from C9. The rest of the team is not performing up to scrap and we think this is the differentiating factor that sways the favor towards 100T.

Esports bookmakers are giving 100Thieves a slight advantage over Sentinels, in what is considered a coin toss matchup. You can expect x1.81 (-123) on 100T vs x1.93 (-108) on Sentinels. The good odds however, come in the more “correct score” selection of bets. Every option in the series nets over x3.40 (+220) in return, meaning you can chose 3 out of the 4 possible outcomes and till be in the profit. We do however think the correct outcome is a 2:1 in favor of 100 Thieves.

Valorant Betting tip

Bet big on individual player performances from Hiko, nitr0 and TenZ if the markets become available. Additionally, you can play a Total Rounds bet on every map played to be over 20.5, as we expect a  very close match regardless of outcome.

Across the board, the odds for this match are similar among providers. The specific odds in this article are courtesy of