VCS Winter Finals Predictions – Who will become Champion?

The 2021 VCS Winter Finals are finally here! After the two semifinals, we will have one final series to determine the VCS Winter Champions! Who will rise to glory? Let’s find out in our last VCS Predictions!

VCS Winter Playoffs Bracket

Luxury Esports vs Burst the Sky Esports – 3rd place Match

The Semifinals saw Luxury Esports lose to Cerberus Esports 3-1, as most people expected it to be a very one-sided series. Cerberus Esports were undefeated throughout most of the split, only dropping the very last series of the split.

It was likely that Cerberus took it easy to prepare some stuff for playoffs, and they showed their true form against LX. CES showed better team fighting and macro all around and LX could only get a win in the whole series.

Burst the Sky Esports, on the other hand, got demolished by GAM Esports. Following a 48-minute long Game 1, with a lot of back-and-forth action, SKY weren’t able to replicate that performance again. While they did stay on par with kills, GAM Esports always had built a good enough gold advantage to take over the game.

With that being said, Luxury Esports should still be the 3rd strongest team of the VCS. They have demonstrated their worth during the split and the fact that they were able to beat CES once shows that they have a very good potential. My prediction will be a 3-1 for LX, with SKY potentially winning Game 3. Below are the best odds for this series (courtesy of

  • Map 1 Winner: LX (1.67x)
  • Map 2 Winner: LX (1.67x)
  • Map 3 Winner: SKY (2.12x)
  • Maps: Even (2.45x)
  • Total Maps: Under 4.5 (1.45x)

GAM Esports vs Cerberus Esports – 1st place Match

Now that we covered the 3rd Place Match, it’s time to take a look at the most important series of the split. Once again, it’s GAM Esports vs Cerberus Esports who will face each other for the VCS Championship.

We’ve talked a lot about both teams, so there will be no need for a preview in this case. The two teams showed over and over again that they are the undisputed top 2 of the league, with LX being the only one to even come remotely close.

During the regular season, CES won the two head-to-heads and they are projected to win the third one this split. CES’s bot lane is one tier above everyone else and I doubt that Levi can make such a difference in the jungle to consistently GAM the edge. The draft will become very important for the series, as it can shift the odds into any team’s favor if done correctly.

The series will be close and it will likely go to Silver Scrapes. If that doesn’t end up happening, GAM should still win at least one game. To close out our VCS Winter Predictions, here are the best bets for the Playoffs Finals:

  • Correct Map Score: 3-2 CES (4.66x)
  • Odd/Even Maps: Odd (1.51x)
  • Total Maps: Over 4.5 (2.66x)
  • First Blood: GAM (1.96x)
  • First Tower: CES (1.78x)
  • First Dragon: CES (1.64x)
  • Total kills: over-30.5 (1.74x)
  • Total Dragons Slain: Over 4.5 (1.53x)
  • Map Duration: Over 33.5 minutes (2.81x)