VCS Winter 2021 Week 5 – Who will advance to Playoffs?

The VCS Winter Split is coming to an end with the final weekend of Group Stage action! We are looking at Saigon Buffalo as they team to take 4th in their final match against GAM Esports. Cerberus on the other hand meet SKY in a potential win that may secure them the perfect split.

The odds in today’s selection are courtesy of GG.BET.

VCS Winter 2021 Standings

VCS Winter 2021 Standings Week 5 Day 3

VCS Winter Week 5 Predictions

Three teams have already locked in their Playoff spot, while two teams will be fighting for the last place on the last day of the week. Let’s see what are the predictions for this week and what we can expect going forward.

Burst the Sky vs Cerberus Esports

It’s such a coincidence that the two teams fighting for the last place in Playoffs will be facing the top 2 in their last match of the split. Burst the Sky Esports, who are currently 4th in the standings, will face the undefeated Cerberus Esports in their most important series so far.

Burst the Sky, in order to secure their place in Playoffs, must win the series. This is because their other rival, Saigon Buffalo, has the head-to-head record advantage. SKY has a 7-6 record, while Saigon Buffalo is 6-7 as of right now. If SKY loses and SB win, then they will not have the tiebreaker.

Cerberus Esports, however, have dominated the competition the whole split and don’t look like they will stop any time soon. With an 85% win rate and a 13-0 record, they’re looking to achieve the perfect 14-0 run. CES can rely on the best ADC in the League, as well as top-tier players in almost all the roles. SKY, on the other hand, heavily rely on their mid-bot of the map, especially around their mid laner Gloryy.

Unfortunately for SKY, it will be very hard for them to beat CES. They already lost once 2-0, even though the team actually lasted quite a lot, bringing one game over the 40-minute mark. We expect SKY to try and scale, hoping for miracle teamfights in the latter stages of the game. Below are the best bets for this series:

  • Map 1 Winner: CES (1.31)
  • First Dragon: SKY (1.69x)
  • First Blood: CES (1.58x)
  • Total kills: Under 31.5 (2.23x)

Saigon Buffalo vs GAM Esports

If Saigon Buffalo wants to reach Playoffs, they must need all the stars aligned. Not only do they need SKY to lose, but they also need to beat GAM Esports, who is the number 2 team for this split.

Saigon Buffalo must find a way to neutralize GAM Esports’ MVP jungler Levi. Whether that is during the draft or in-game, SB must not allow him to run wild in the Rift. The team has one of the best top laners in the League, Hasmed, as he will become a key during this series. Buffalo must play around him if they want to succeed, while also putting him on carry champions like Jayce.

Last week, we mentioned how GAM Esports improved across the split, as they rose to second place. Their only loss after the first two weeks was against Cerberus, and all the other series were dominated by GAM. Levi is one of the most proactive junglers in the VCS, and together with support Bie, they roam around the map to seize objectives. It requires a lot of coordination, but GAM Esports is one of the few teams that can execute it well.

With that being said, we still expect GAM Esports to win the series. Aside from the top lane, all the other matchups are pretty one-sided in GAM’s favor. SB’s only chance is to hope they don’t get punished as hard during the early game and can rely on scaling champions to close the individual gap. Our predictions on the bets for this series are:

  • Winner: GAM Esports (1.26x)
  • Map 1 Winner: GAM (1.37x)
  • First Blood: GAM (1.6x)
  • First Dragon: GAM (1.55x)
  • Total kills: Over 31.5 (1.76x)
  • KillsHandicap: GAM -6.5 (1.62x)

VCS Winter Playoffs Expectations following Week 5

After the end of this week 5, the VCS Winter will enter its Playoff Stage. The top 4 teams will compete in a single elimination bracket, with Best of 5 matches. As we mentioned previously, 3 of the 4 teams have been locked: Cerberus Esports, GAM Esports and Luxury Esports will all be in the mix.

On paper, CES showed that they are in a league of their own. Not even GAM is close to them, especially after CES inflicted them a 2-0 loss. They are the favorites for these playoffs.

Aside from them, both GAM and LX Esports can have the potential to be number two. Jungler KillerQueen from LX is showing everyone how good Vietnamese junglers can be and if he will go head-to-head with GAM, the jungle matchup will be very intense.

The question is, who will CES choose as their opponent? Their best choice would be the 4th seed, but who knows…