VCS Winter Week 3 Preview & Match Predictions

VCS Winter action continues with Week 3. We’re going to be looking at some of the more interesting matches and see which bets are worth making to turn a big profit for this week!

Our predictions thus far are fairing well, and I hope to continue our winning ways this weekend as well.

GAM VCS Winter 2021

VCS Winter Week 3 Predictions

In week 2, we started seeing more from the teams, as the standings have slowly fallen into place. We expected GAM Esports to make a comeback, following their sub-par start, and they did. A quick 3-0 week, beating all the bottom tier teams. It seems like they have found the right direction, as they were also victorious against Luxury Esports and Saigon Buffalo in this VCS Winter week 3. As a result, the only big test left is against Cerberus Esports, the last match in week 4.

Nonetheless, the odds are very good in GAM Esports’ next series, as they will be going up against Burst The Sky Esports.


GAM fixed some of the major issues that we saw in week 1. Jungler Levi is finally given the tools to be the higg-tempo player, playing champions that shine in duels and skirmishes. Not only that, but GAM’s mid laner is also showing more and more AP mages in mid lane, showing that he’s finally adapting with the right champion pools. We expect GAM to quickly sweep SKY in their last match of the week: facing a bottom-tier team of the standings shouldn’t be too hard to deal with. For this reason, below are the best bets for this series (courtesy of GG.BET):

  • Correct Map Score: GAM 2-0 (1.71x)
  • Maps: Even (1.51x)
  • First Blood: GAM (1.58x)

SE vs Saigon Buffalo

Despite losing to GAM Esports earlier this week, Saigon Buffalo is still in the top 4 of the standings. If they’re able to finish in that position by the end of the split, they will still have a chance in the playoffs run. Nonetheless, it seems like there’s a slight gap between the top 3 with the rest, and Buffalo are the first team of the chasing pack.

In week 2 and week 3, Saigon Buffalo have performed exactly like their standings: they won against lower-placed teams but lost to both GAM and LX. It looks like the team is not as strong compared to spring, and they need to find more firepower. Out of the five players, the best performing one is without a doubt the top laner Hasmed, with an insane 28.1% of the team’s damage. Keep an eye on him, as he will be a key to the team’s success going forward.

With that being said, Saigon Buffalo are very comfortable at playing high tempo and open up a lead for their carries. If they get ahead, it will be very hard for SBTC Esports to come back. Nonetheless, there is a big variety of LoL bets for this series and the odds are relatively higher compared to other matches: make sure to earn some good cash! Here are the most feasible bets that can net you a great return:

  • Win: Saigon Buffalo (1.52x)
  • First Blood: Buffalo (1.68x)
  • First Dragon: SBTC Esports (1.89x)
  • Total Kills: Under 32.5 (1.85x)
  • First Tower: Buffalo (1.62x)

You can mix and match any of the predicted outcomes from the two matches in several two-fold bet slips and maximize your earnings. In each combination you are getting around ~3.5x the amount you invest.

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