VCT Brazil & Latin America Stage 2 Challenger Finals Predictions

The final three spots at VCT Masters Reykjavík will be decided this weekend at VCT 2021 Stage 2 Challanger Finals in Latin America & Brazil. The top two teams emerging from Brazil will qualify for the VCT Masters 2 in Reykjavik, while only the top team from LATAM will qualify.

Here’s our complete set of Valorant betting predictions for the upcoming matches in both regions.

Sharks Esports vs Team VikingsTeam Vikings to win@ 1.40
Gamelanders vs Havan LibertyGamelanders to win@ 1.22
FURIA vs INGAMINGFURIA to win 2:0@ 1.36
Infinity Esports vs KRU EsportsInfinity to win@ 1.83

VCT 2021 Stage 2 Challanger Finals Brazil Predictions

Sharks Esports vs. Team Vikings (Upper bracket)

Shark Esports finished 3-4th in both the VCT 2021 Brazil Stage 1 & 2 Challenger events. The team carried their momentum forward, clenching both upper bracket games that extended to the full three games. Their opponent, Team Vikings formed in 2020, and is one of the older teams in the Brazilian scene. Aside from seniority, the Vikings also stand as the region’s strongest team having taken the top spot in the first VCT Masters event in Brazil.
Prediction: Shark Esports 32% l Team Vikings 68%

Gamelanders vs. Havan Liberty (Lower bracket)

Since its inception in mid 2020, Gamelanders have taken multiple first place titles. The team were only second to Team Vikings in the VCT Masters 1. Despite narrowly losing to the Sharks in the upper bracket, they remain one of the favourites to advance into Masters 2. In contrast, their opponent Havan Liberty are one of the weaker teams in the competition. The team mainly competed in various C and B tier events, and recently dropped both games to Gamelanders.
Predictions: Gamelanders 85% l Havan Liberty 15%

FURIA Esports vs. INGAMING Esports (Lower bracket)

FURIA Esports entered the competition as one of the favourites to qualify for the Masters 2 in Reykjavik. They’ve placed 1st place in three of four VCT 2021 Brazil Challenger events along with a top 4 finish in Masters 1. While the team fell to Vikings in the Upper Bracket finals, they still stand a very strong chance to qualify for Masters through the lower bracket. INGAMING on the other hand, have had some up and a great deal of down performances throughout the past year. They have very little to contest FURIA Esports with.
Prediction: FURIA Esports 80% l INGAMING 20%

VCT 2021 Stage 2 Challanger Final LATAM

Kru Esports vs. Infinity Esports

The match between Kru Esports and Infinity Esports is the final match, and the decider for the team to seed in the VCT Masters 2 in Reykjavik. Despite being a new team formed in early 2021, Kru Esports have made a name for themselves as a strong force in the LATAM scene. The team had solid top 3 finishes in the VCT Stage 1 challenger and master events. They also performed strongly this VCT Challanger 2 finals event, almost going undefeated in the Playoffs with a 7-1 record.

Infinity Esports too have similar achievements to Kru Esports, tying 3-4th place with the team in the VCT Masters 1 event. However, with the recent signing of Daveeys, the team should continue to strengthen, giving them a slight advantage over Kru Esports.
Prediction: Kru Esports 46% l Infinity Esportd 54%

Overall, we are looking at three straightforward predictions and one toss-up in the final pre-Masters Valorant pro matches. There is some good dough to be made this weekend before we all head to Iceland.