Guild X and Fire Flux Fierce set to dominate Game Changers EMEA S2

The open qualifier group stage of the 2022 VCT Gamer Changers EMEA Series 2 featured 91 different teams from across the region. 32 teams made the cut for the main stage, and only two did it with a perfect 6-0 scoreline.

The prize pool for the main event is fixed at €30,000, and will be shared amongst the top 8 teams. Most importantly, the top 8 teams will also be awarded EMEA Circuit points, which will determine the two teams representing Europe in the 2022 VCT Champions event at the end of the year.

Roxi be slayin..

VCT Game Changes Season 2 EMEA Teams

The open qualifier was dominated by Guild X and Fire Flux Fierce, the only two teams to be undefeated with a 6-0 standing. While nothing is certain as the group stage had only been best of 1 games, Guild X and Fire Flux are definitely positioned as top contenders for the event.

This Series 2 looks especially promising for Guild X as the team only recently placed second in Series 1 of the VCT EMEA Game Changers. Their strongest previously competitor in the last series, G2 Gozen, had underperformed in the group stage of Series 2, finishing in the middle tier with a 4-2 standing.

Fire Flux Fierce on the other hand had previously flown under the radar due to their subpar performances in past events. However, following a major change where they replaced 4 members of their roster aside from the team’s in-game leader, they have completely re-borned as the underdogs of the the Series 2 event.

The main bracket is set to kick off tomorrow, May 3rd, and finish next Sunday, May 8th. We are in for five full days of Game Changers action. Can Guild X continue the domination, or will others step up their game?

This week we find out.