VCT Game Changers NA Series 2 – Who Are The Favourites?

Valorant’s ecosystem had been boosted substantially whenever VCT Game Changers was first introduced in 2021. It was originally designed as an initiative that would supplement the main Valorant Champions Tour season, but quickly grew into something much larger.

Today marks the beginning of the second VCT NA Game Changers Series, where the eight best teams from North America will battle it out for $50,000 and a nice chunk of VCT Game Changers NA Circuit Points.

The tournament starts today, on July 6th, and is expected to conclude on July 9th, giving us several days of action-packed Valorant goodness. Whether you’re a die-hard Valorant fan or just a punter looking to make some Valorant bets, this is the tournament you shouldn’t miss.


Image Credits | Riot Games

Let’s Check Out The Favourites

If we take a look at the eight teams competing, we’ll notice the usual favourites such as Cloud9 White, Shopify Rebellion GC and Dignitas Female. However, there’s quite a few newcomers as well, which will hopefully make for an interesting Valorant esports experience.

The reigning NA champions, Cloud9 White, are certainly favoured in this esports tournament. Given their past track record and the solid shape of the current roster, it’s hard to imagine them giving up the nr.1 spot to anyone in this event. They’ll most likely rush to the finish line, as they usually do, and will topple any and all opposition they come across. That being said, Dignitas Female and Shopify Rebellion GC will present a serious threat, and will certainly be the biggest challenges for Cloud9 White in this tournament.

Speaking of Shopify Rebellion GC, this is another squad that shows great promise and has the best odds of actually dethroning C9 White. For the last two VCT Game Changer series, Shopify Rebellion GC found themselves on the cusp of winning, but always ended up one step behind Cloud9 White. This might be the tournament where they’ll finally succeed.

Last but not least, we have Dignitas Female. This is a team that needs no introduction. While not boasting as many titles as Cloud9 White, Dignitas Female were one of the first teams that stepped foot into the VCT Game Changers. Their vast experience could be the deciding factor in this tournament, and something that could tilt the odds in their favour. Dignitas Female have the potential to win if the stars align, but for now, we’ll remain cautiously optimistic.


Image Credits | Riot Games

The Underdogs

In terms of underdogs, there’s one name that stands among the rest, and that’s Dart Monkeys.

This squad has been grinding through the VCT Game Changers NA Academy tournaments and achieving some great results. Prior to this tournament, they secured several runner-up spots in various events, including the first place in the VCT NA Game Changers: Academy April.

This will also be the second time they’ll compete in a major VCT NA Game Changers tournament. The first time they made an appearance was earlier this year in the VCT NA Game Changers Series 1, where they dropped out early. However, they’ve now been presented with a second chance, where they might surprise everyone.

Dart Monkeys are not the safest pick in terms of esports betting odds, but they’re definitely a team you should keep an eye on in this tournament.

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