VCT 2021 Last Chance Qualifiers Predictions – Who are the favorites?

With the end of the year, and subsequently the Valorant Champions 2021 approaching, teams are given their final opportunity to quality for Valorant’s highest level of competition. There will be four different Last Chance qualifiers for North America, Europe, South America and Asia Pacific. The winners of each qualifier will gain a direct entrance to the Valorant Champions 2021.

VCT 2021 Last Chance Qualifier

North America

100 Thieves are one of the favorites to secure the last chance qualifier for the Valorant Champions 2021. The team had performed extremely strongly in the recent Masters event in Berlin, securing the top spot in their group, even topping Gambit Esports. However, with steel recently being sent to the bench and being replaced by b0i, a less proven player, there is some uncertainty if 100T can maintain their dominant form.

Cloud 9 also have a strong chance to quality following their decision to sign Vanity as their new in-game leader, contributing to their subsequent win in the NSG Summer Championship.


The fight for Europe’s last chance qualifier will primarily be between the region’s two major teams, G2 Esports and Team Liquid.

G2 Esports are the recent favorites, especially after their strong top four finish in the VCT Berlin Masters event. The team managed to go toe to toe with Sentinels in the group stage and 2-0 against Kru Esports, LATAM’s top team.

Team Liquid on the other hand were one of the top teams throughout 2021, but had unfortunately stumbled in the VCT Stage 3 Playoffs, forcing them to miss out on Masters Berlin. However, given their past dominance, and recent signing of Nivera (Scream’s brother), we can expect Team Liquid to be a strong contender.

South America

While there is no major dominant team in this last chance qualifiers, FURIA Esports hold the advantage.

FURIA had consistently placed top 4 in the Brazilian VCT scene, with numerous wins over two of the region’s representatives for Champions, Team Vikings and Keyd Stars.

Shark Esports also have a slim chance to qualify for champions, despite being inconsistant, have represented their region in Masters Reykjavik in the past.

Asia Pacific

Covering all teams in the Asia pacific, this last chance qualifier will see teams from South East Asia, Japan and Korea competing for a single chance to enter Valorant Champions 2021. However, while there are many top domestic teams competing, Nuturn Gaming are the undisputed favorites to qualify for Valorant Champions.

Nuturn Gaming made a name for themselves in Masters Reykavik, beating a North American team internationally for the first time, and ultimately finishing top 3. While Nuturn recently struggled in VCT Stage 3, their decision to sign Hyeoni a player renowned for his entries on Jett, may allow Nuturn to shock the world stage once more.