VCT Masters Reykjavik Down to Final Six – Match Predictions and Analysis

We are entering the final three days of competition at VCT Masters Reykjavik. Our Masters Reykjavik Power Rankings are still holding somewhat true with NUTURN and Vikings making a minor climb in what was predicted. If this weekends’ matches go as predicted we are looking at 80% successful assessment of team strength globally.

The final six matches are prime time to get into Valorant betting, with teams like Sentinels having proved themselves to easily steam roll the competition.

Let’s take a look at the upcoming set of matches and set our predictions.

Sentinels Reykjavik

Version 1 vs Fnatic

Version 1 were one of the underdogs with many crediting Version 1’s qualification to Masters due to a lucky run. However, Version 1 have proved themselves to be a worthy team by taking down Team Liquid, and only very narrowly losing to NUTURN Gaming in the semi-finals.

Fnatic entered their first game of the event in an extremely favored match up against Kru Esports, who were multiple positions lower in the power rankings. As expected the team secured a strong 2-0 against in their first game, before unfortunately being matched up against tournament favorites Sentinels, due to the bracket. While Fnatic were defeated by Sentinels and sent to the lower bracket, they bounced right back, with another 2-0 finish against X10 Esports.

We predict Fnatic wins this series 2:1, and you are looking at a potential x2.80 return on investment across most esports betting sites.

Team Vikings vs Team Liquid

Team Vikings has been performing well at Masters Reykjavik despite coming from one of the “minor” regions. Vikings were by far the most dominant force in Brazil, also managing to take down X10, 2-0, in their first match. Team Liquid were poised as one of the tournament favorites, however, deeply struggled in their first match against North America’s Version 1. This sent Team Liquid to the lower bracket early. However, as expected, despite stumbling in their first game, Team Liquid had still been able to easily defeat Kru Esports, 2-0. Considering Vikings were rolled by Sentinels, and Team Liquid are from a stronger region who are been able to contest NA teams, TL are favored coming into this match.

The esports odds are not that great even for a clean 2:0 win by Team Liquid. You are looking at roughly ~1.8x return.

Sentinels vs NUTURN Gaming

Sentinels were a clear favorite heading into the event, and for good reason. The team are currently undefeated, not even dropping a single game with a current 4-0 record. Sentinels were able to take down Fnatic 2-0, no small feat considering the deep yet close rivalry between NA and EU team across all esports. NUTURN Gaming on the other hand, while also qualifying for the upper bracket finals match, and clearly struggled more on their way.

This was despite NUTURN Gaming being matched up against lower ranked opponents in the Masters Reykjavik power rankings. NUTURN Gaming’s most recent match against Version 1 saw the team drop their first game 13-3, before only narrowly taking the wins in two following overtime games. I expect Sentinels secure a final in a very clean series.

Once again the odds reflect Sentinels’ dominance. You can get as much as ~1.7x return on playing the clean 2:0 sweep.

Overall, we are looking at both European teams matching up for a shot at the losers final. Ultimately the grand final at the end of it all, where everyone is itching for that EU vs NA final.