Vitality CS:GO and GG.BET make serious buzz with new partnership

It’s official, GG.BET and Team Vitality’s CS:GO team are about to make your slips bounce. The brand new partnership comes just in time for BLAST Premier Fall Groups.

Vitality will receive some new jerseys, and we receive a fresh GG.BET bonus and hopefully boosted odds soon. Let’s dig into the new partnership, what it entails for both sides, and what we can expect moving forward.

GG.BET is buzzing after this partnership

Known for their heavy support in the esports ecosystem, GG.BET took team partnerships one step further with Team Vitality. With ZywOo, magisk, dupreeh and apEX all sporting their banner, almost half our best CSGO players list is sponsored by GG.BET. Talk about representation eh..

This has been a fruitful year for esports, after the company partnered up with both PGL for the CSGO Antwerp and Dota 2 Arlington Major earlier, while Natus Vincere served as amazing brand ambassadors earlier. The new partnership just adds on to the expanding system of support for esports GG.BET seems to build.

Dmitry Voshkarin, GG.BET’s CEO stated:

“We are pleased to announce a partnership with Team Vitality, a world-class esports team whose successes we have been following with great interest for a long time. For GG.BET, this is a logical stage of our plans to expand into new markets and provide continuous support for esports’ development. We are looking forward to implementing joint projects and will work hard to make GG.BET users and Vitality fans happy”

The latest collaboration extends beyond just jersey branding and cool promo videos. There is a brand new bonus enabled just to mark this occasion. All you have to do is use code “VITALITY’ on your next deposit to get 200% bonus f0r any amount between $5 – $100.

This partnership comes just time for BLAST Premier Fall Groups, and the opening match between Vitality vs OG. At the current bonus rollover rules, you can just go for Total rounds over 26.5 and starting flipping that bonus today. That’s what we call quality timing.