W3E esports event announces prize pool

The first crypto esports event has just announced its incredibly lucrative prize pool to fans.

W3E is a crypto gaming expo that is holding the first dedicated crypto esports event in Instanbul, Turkey on the 17th November.

This specific event is being held at the Instanbul Blockchain Week event, making it one to watch for those who are active within the crypto gaming space. The event is to be hosted at the infamous ESA Esports Arena. A venue made for esports, what’s not to love?!

Players will be competing for a grand prize of $15,000 and ultimate bragging rights over the professional blockchain gaming industry. Also up for grabs is a winner’s trophy and also special edition NFT collectables usable in the EV.io game.

EV.io is the game that will be hosted, a popular free to play, play to earn first person shooter game that is available on PC and Mac.

W3E whilst being a new name amongst the esports and crypto communities has quite the history as the figure leading the event is actually Damian Bartlett and Thang Phan former esports contributors and members of FaZe Clan the world famous Call of Duty gaming clan, turned lifestyle brand.


Image Credits | Mobidictum

EV.io in more depth

As mentioned EV.io is a first person shooter that at a first glance is actually really quirky in design and playability, developed by the company Addictive Games.

This has to be one of the easiest crypto related games to get started with, as soon as you input “EV.io” into your designated browser you are loaded into an online PVP match.

For those who are familiar with the Halo, series found on PC and Xbox, this game plays very similar to that.

It is built on the Solana blockchain which in turn means in-game currency is exchangeable for the $SOL token.

To earn Solana tokens and to really experience the game to its fullest, we advise you invest some of your money into an NFT collectible related to this title. NFTs are available via the Fractal Marketplace.

Funds received from NFT sales directly linked to Addictive Games, are then placed straight back into the further development of the EV.io game. Showing the community spirit and drive behind this new blockchain game.

Low Entry Point

With how cheap the Solana token is at the moment due to current market conditions, the entry point to access the NFTs is low with floor prices only being around 2 SOL, roughly around $32 USD.

Players are able to build their own in-game clans to earn more points and prizes. By competing and winning with your clan, you are able to climb the Clan Leaderboards to gain bragging rights over different clans.

We’ll leave at that for now as we really think you should go ahead and try the game. Even if you do not enjoy EV.io, it’s no hard feelings as you won’t have spent any crypto on accessing the game’s core functions and game modes.

As the game is only in its Beta phase of release, it will be interesting to see how this game pans out in the future and how well of a reception it receives at the upcoming Instanbul Blockchain Week this coming November!

Check out their official site to find out more today.