We are heading into the craziest LoL off-season to date

We are likely heading into biggest western League of Legends roster shuffle to date. After a horrid post-season for both the LCS and LEC, plenty of teams are likely rebuilding their rosters from scratch. To make things even worse, the best the west had to offer did not come even close to contesting the LCK and LPL at Worlds ’22 while being relatively dominant domestically.

We already have hints of some big roster moves coming our way, and more to come post Worlds.


TSM going for a massive overhaul

After a disastrous 2022 Spring and Summer performance, Team SoloMid is expected to make some major roster changes heading into 2023. The first casualty was TSM’s jungler Spica who had been released at the start of September. Despite only being promoted from TSM Academy in August, Tactical was also completely released from the organization.

With no immediate new signings following the release of two members, fans have also been speculating the organization may consider selling their LCS spot. A report by Dexerto earlier this year revealed insider information TSM had floated the idea of selling its LCS due to the game’s declining esports popularity in the region, and to save esports costs. This speculation has also been fueled by TSM’s lack of top tier talent into the 2022 Summer season, opting to instead field a number of academy players.

G2 Esports may drop Flakked & Jankos

While yet to be officially announced, reports have emerged that Flakked and Jankos will not be a part of G2 Esport’s starting roster heading into 2023. Both Flakked and Jankos have active contracts with the organization which are not due to expire until the end of 2023/2024. The same report reveal both players have been given permission to explore options outside of G2, meaning their contracts will likely be sold / transferred to another team. This news is certainly disappointing news for G2 fans, especially considering Jankos had been a pillar for the organization since the start of 2017. That said on a positive note, this means it is almost certain we will continue to see both players on the rift instead of being benched, albeit for a different team.

Irrelevant to SK Gaming, Adam promoted to BDS Main

Irrelevant will be to SK Gaming following a verbal agreement between the two parties. Irrelevant had been promoted to the Misfits Gaming starting roster in the middle of the year for the LEC Summer split. Despite having only competed in the LEC main stage for a single split, Irrelevant has been a sought-after target for many teams.

Sources reveal Adam is set to be promoted from Team BDS Academy to the starting top laner for the primary LEC Team BDS. This decision was only natural considering Adam is a top new generation talent. Early in his career, he compete with Karmine Corp, a top LFL team who later went to win the EU Masters 2021 Spring. Following his early success, Adam joined Fnatic for a single split in 2021, before moving to Team BDS and subsequently BDS Academy. Adam had previously rose too high too fast, however proving himself once again in the LFL with BDS Academy, Adam is expected to be back in the LEC stronger than ever.

Rekkles eyes the LEC, Perkz wants a fresh superteam

Rekkles is eyeing a return to the LEC with at least three organizations in current negotiations. Caution is advised with this rumors, as we’ve heard this tune play before, and Rekkles ended up in the LFL instead. Meanwhile, Perkz is likely the target of another team re-build around him with reports that Vitality is seeking to replace their botlane this postseason.

Take every bit of info with a grain of salt, as is with all roster transfer rumors. Pending official confirmation from the organizations, every bit of info is equal to guesswork. The recent rumors are only a hint of how big and extensive the off-season will get this fall.