Wemade make ties in esports with DRX, but at what cost?

Wemade have just signed another strategic partnership to strengthen their blockchain ventures going into the future. Off the back of their recent team up with Microsoft, the Korean company has just announced that they are teaming up with DRX.

DRX for those who do not know are a world renowned Esports team that have many titles and championships under their belt. Their teams cover games such as Valorant esports, Tekken 7 and League of Legends. Recently they have been crowned World Champions of League of Legends which is an amazing achievement.

Wemade are looking to integrate esports onto their Wemix gaming platform along with fan cultures and communities that drive the gaming industry currently. Transitioning to web3 back in 2018, Wemix currently homes titles such as Ocean Tales 2, Gold Club, and Abyssrium Gold, enjoyed by thousands of gamers around the world.


Image Credit | Wemade

The Wemix Platform

Korea is a hotspot for esports and best esports games. They have their very own public gaming cafes known as “PC Bangs” where players can visit to play their favourite games. Having this mainstream backing a country like this opens up many doors for companies like Wemade with their new web3 approach to gaming.

CEO of Wemade, Henry Chang had this to say on this recent announcement:

“eSports is a perfect fit for blockchain, since it has been evolving futuristically through repeated technical innovations. Through NILE, the DAO & NFT platform of WEMIX, we will complete a digital economy that connects gaming, entertainment, sports, art, and finance.”

Due to the recent collapse of FTX, Wemix has faced some horrendous price drop when focusing on their native token. The Wemix token was delisted causing millions in market cap to be lost, with many gamers/investors losing out due to the fall of FTX.

FTX had ties in gaming and esports respectfully, as they themselves had teamed up with Solana and TSM (Team SoloMid).

Maybe this new update from their camp may spur more to engage with their token as esports players alike are introduced to their services and products! Also hopefully we do not see a similar outcome that was experienced by FTX recently.

Who is DRX?

As mentioned above DRX are an esports team that are watched by millions around the world for some of the top Web2 games currently available. Specifically they have 3.7 millions fans they have attracted since being founded back in 2012.

Just last month DRX were crowned the League of Legends World Champions. This bagged them a whopping $500k in prize money and bragging rights also amongst the LoL community.

Valorant is another title the DRX team have flourished in. The game has not been out too long, but the team have netted 22 championships and 103 wins to date. They are not to be messed with, DRX!

Whilst the collaboration is official, we are yet to hear anything from the DRX and/or Wemade camps about this. It will be interesting to see where the investment money goes as both brands will be set for exponential growth going into early 2022.

Be sure to check out DRX and their teams and also the Wemade platform to learn more about their offerings via the blockchain!