WePlay Academy League Season 2 – Matches worth five times your bet

Four CSGO academy teams are going head-to-head in the WePlay Academy League Season 2. I go over our picks for the upcoming matches, where teams battle out for their share of $88,000 in prize money. Do not miss out on our picks below.

We Play Academy League S2

Young Ninjas vs BIG Academy

After stomping BIG Academy in their last outing, Young Ninjas will have the opportunity to get another one over German youth. Both teams are coming to this match with a mixed form.

Out of the last 5 played, Young Ninjas won 2 while losing three. It is also important to mention that they arguably lost to amateur teams and this is worrisome. On the other hand, BIG Academy is sitting on 3 victories and 2 defeats in their last 5. Despite losing to hREDS and NAVI Junior, this roster defeated their rivals such as Spirit Academy, and fnatic Rising.

Map pool is going to be interesting for this one. Here is how we think things are going to turn out in this match. Dust 2 is for sure getting banned by Young Ninjas. BIG Academy, however, will probably remove Nuke as they are poor on this map. Swedes will look for their chance on either Vertigo or Inferno. Both of these maps should be very easy for Young Ninjas.

The only chance BIG Academy have in this match is Overpass. The fact is, Young Ninjas are also capable of playing this map at a high level and this could be a trap that BIG Academy will easily fall into.

All in all, we believe that this match is going to be a straightforward one. Young Ninjas proved in the past that they can dispatch BIG Academy with ease. This is for sure what is going to happen in this match. We have lined up two bets for this match, one for the safe bettors and one for the bettors that like to risk more to win more.

Prediction: Young Ninjas to win 2:0
Odds: 2.15


In the second match here are WePlay Academy League Season 2, two solid academy rosters will clash heads. MOUZ NXT looked impressive in recent months, but they fell off by losing two out of the last 3 played.

NAVI Junior, however, are looking better than ever. They won three out of the last four played and they looked dominant. When it comes to map veto, this could be very interesting. Let’s get straight into it.

Ukrainians do not play Nuke and this map is definitely getting permabanned. MOUZ NXT, however, do not play Overpass and this is for sure their first ban. Moving on to the picks. We know for a fact that NAVI Junior will look for either Dust 2 or Mirage for their map pick.

MOUZ NXT has the best chance of beating NAVI Junior on Inferno and Vertigo. To summarize, both teams are getting their comfort pick for this match and this often leads to one thing, a deciding map that will have to be played.

Prediction: Total Maps Played – Over 2.5
Odds: 2.30

Combined we are looking at x4.94 in potential winnings just by tying these two matches in a two-fold accumulator. Not a bad haul if you head over to LOOT.BET today.