What is Atari X? – New Web3 project announced

Atari have just joined the growing list of heritage gaming brands making the jump into the blockchain with their highly anticipated project, Atari X. Alongside the likes of Konami and BandaiNamco, Atari have been able to bolster up some hype through remarketing their new services and products to the new and upcoming audiences found on the blockchain.

Atari X is the name of the project and is putting Atari as a company firmly into web3. It was announced back in April and in that time Atari has been able to muster up a number of key investors and updates for their eagerly awaiting fans. Notable collaborators already include The Sandbox virtual reality NFT/crypto game and Nifty Labs as the primary development unit behind the project.

This direct quote taken from the Atari site is a great explanation of Atari X:

“Atari X is an initiative that consolidates Atari’s blockchain interests into a unified operation that is wholly controlled by Atari.”

The team has 3 main functionalities that will be focused on going into the future.


Image Credit | Atari


Atari are at heart a gaming company and with the recent advancement and adoption of web3 gaming by industry leaders, Atari are hoping to capitalise off of this untapped market to provide their audience with a range of new experiences and ways to game.


Thanks to the blockchain, now is the time for ultimate utility and ownership over tangible digital assets. Something not fully achievable on a mainstream level that we are seeing today. Giving the NFTs and Tokens within the Atari ecosystem tangible value opens up more doors for expenditure.


Community and inclusion is one of the main driving forces for blockchains development as we see them push the overall reach for projects. Atari, as much as they will have the final say, are wanting their fans to get involved with games and NFTs, feeding back to them and letting their voices be heard.

“We believe that blockchain will continue to grow to be a significant part of our business, and will create new ways for us to interact and collaborate with partners, players, and fans of our brand,”

– Chairman and CEO of Atari, Wade Rosen.

There’s more!

Atari have their own token, called ATRI token that has been built on the popular Ethereum network. Suggested by their site, there are plans for Atari to publish their own trading exchange known as The Atari Decentralize Exchange or Atari Dex. This can be found via AtariChain.

With the development of Atari based web3 games, we hope to see the integration of ATRI token. This will open up opportunities for prize distribution and staking dependent on the path Atari decides to take with this.

NFTs are also a huge factor in this recent update, as their new collection has just dropped. A number of incentives are up for grabs for those who decide to hold the NFTs, coming in the form of money off vouchers and The Sandbox Season 3 passes thanks to Atari and The Sandbox teaming up for the exclusive in-game experience (that you should definitely check out!).

“Atari is a pioneer in video games and also the first game studio that embraced user-generated content and the immersive possibilities of the Metaverse, launching their first NFTs on The Sandbox gaming virtual world. They take a very open-minded approach to work with our teams creatively – from building a social hub for their fans to refreshing their most iconic licenses in 3D with multiplayer gameplay and engaging quests. We can’t wait for players to engage with them on our platform.”

– Sébastien Borget, co-founder and COO, The Sandbox

It is great to see Atari making a comeback and the plans they have are absolutely worth getting excited over. Whether you are an old timer or a newbie when it comes to gaming, give Atari and the Atari X project some of your time as they plan to reshape gaming and web3 as we know it!