What is Froskurinn doing now? Why did she leave the LEC?

Forskurinn is always the most interesting personality in a caster room regardless of how audiences feel about her. It’s no exaggeration to say Froskurinn has had a rocky career in esports, filled with plenty of amazing moments and enough toxicity to make those moments feel less valuable.

Having recently transitioned to other roles in esports, lets take a look at what Forkurinn does now, and how the LoL scene feels without her.

© Indiana “Froskurinn” Black

Who is Froskurinn?

Indiana “Froskurinn” Black is a veteran LoL player, coach, and most recently, a caster. She kickstarted her passion for the game back in 2014, where she served as coach for teams, such as Robert Morris Uni, Roar and lastly, Team Dignitas.

While we don’t know the exact numbers for Froskurinn elo, it’s safe to assume she has a commendable level of expertise as an expert analyst. Hence, it was when she transitioned to a casting career that she debuted as a mainstay talent in various LoL tournaments. Her outspoken and perhaps unfiltered analysis of the game often received massive criticism from the viewers.

Regardless, her analysis and on no-bullshit personality earned her the respect of loyal League fans across the ecosystem.

Why do people hate Froskurinn?

Despite her massive fanbase, Frosk does frequently receive unwanted hate posts on the LoL Reddit. Posts pointing out superficial things like her looks, or what Froskurinn did wrongly while commentating a match, her blunt callouts and even some personal attacks were part of her daily content cycle. Now, of course, as a caster, the occasional heated discussions and criticisms are unavoidable, but toward Frosk it was all baked in with other “compliments” by some very toxic personalities.

However, disregarding some of the blatant hate messages, there is constructive criticism that Froskurinn could work on. Yet, more often than not, she would respond with a repulsive comment back at the entire LoL community for not accepting her. Froskurinn is no stranger in the LoL Reddit thread, as she would often respond to threads about her. Some of the comments she would say often victimizes herself, where she announces that she gives up or will retire from the scene soon. The unethical hate messages often discriminate about Froskurinn gender or sexual orientation, claiming that she does not belong in the LoL talent crew.

While her haters were proven wrong as Froskurinn debuted at Worlds 2020 with amazing content and on-stage perfomance, the bitter taste from years of fan abuse remained. She did set the bar very high as the first female English caster working in a major league.

Why Froskurinn left LEC?

Earlier this year, Froskurinn announced her departure from the LEC. In her original tweet, she mentioned that she felt strongly about moving into a managerial or development position. Alongside the tweet were responses from fans and notable figures who gave their shout-out to Froskurinn.

Hilariously, she also gave a heartwarming shoutout to the LoL community, highlighting how much effort she paid for their acceptance. As she ends the tweet by calling it the worst aspect of this incredible community.

What is Froskurinn doing now?

Fortunately, Froskurinn isn’t too far from the LoL community as of recent times after signing with American television network G4. Froskurinn LPL days can be seen as a fresh start for the talent, albeit as a guest caster. This isn’t exactly the managerial or development position that she intended to pursue. Well, at the very least, it’s reassuring to see where is Froskurinn now, back to her roots.

Although Froskurinn did not cast LPL finals back in April, she was featured on the analyst desk. In fact, it seems like the new role grew on her, as fans gave good feedback on her analytical insights. As the LPL 2021 Summer Season is currently ongoing, there isn’t any announcement on whether Indiana Black, Froskurinn, will be attending the LPL 2021 Summer Playoffs.

All things considered, Froskurinn is still a very passionate LoL fan and has spent some elbow grease polishing her craft. Regardless of her controversy with the LoL community, especially the haters, we can only hope that she isn’t swayed by the negativity, but embrace the criticism to become a better analyst, expert, and commentator.

The LEC audiance needs you.