Worlds 2021 is moving to Europe, but nothing is certain yet

Big news everyone. Riot Games has decided to move the League of Legends Worlds Championship 2021 to Europe. The decision comes after increasingly difficulties by organizers and teams to secure entry into China for the event.

The new Worlds 2021 venue and city are not yet set, but Paris or Berlin are the cities with the highest potential. The format and stages remaining largely unchanged.

Worlds 2021 Europe

John Needham giving the Worlds 2021 update

Worlds 2021 in Europe

John Needham explained the hardship Riot Games have encountered during the past few months with setting up and organizing the event. To that end, an alternative was found with ( ) to host Worlds 2021 in Europe.

The story was actually initially broken by Tyler “FionnOnFire” Erzberger earlier this morning, garnering confusion by everyone included casters and players themselves. Hours later, David Higdon, the Global Head of Communications at Riot Games finally broke the silence and announced a quick video that will explain the change.

The news initially caught players, casters and everyone involved by surprise, noting that this has been quietly pondered over a period in the background, and all potential solutions have been assessed before the decision was taken.

All regions are currently finishing up their seasons, and thus far no region has cancelled attendance. The usual suspect is the VCS. The Vietnamese region has not sent representatives to two consequtive events, after COVID restrictions blocked their attendance. GAM Esports and Saigon Buffalo are announced as representatives this year as the Spring Split champions, after the VCS cancelled the Summer Split altogether. In case the restrictions persist, we are potentially facing another Worlds where stand-in teams are allowed into the event.

The prevailing narrative is that G2 Esports will participate in Worlds 2021 despite being eliminated if VCS once again decides to pull out of the event.

At this moment, 9 teams have secured a spot at Worlds 2021, three in Korea, Europe and North America each. By the end of next week, another ten will be known. Most minor regions have their finals in the first weekend of September. Regional Finals in China and Korea are happening during that period as well.