WoW Classic: Northrend Upgrade Pack is Live on the Blizzard Shop

It is finally the time that everyone has been waiting for, the time when the WotLK pre-patch has been released. We all know that Wrath of the Lich King is one of the most anticipated classic experiences, and while we all get to experience new talents and the death knight class, there are some other goodies with the pre-patch, and they are in the store.


Image Credits | Blizzard

What is the Northrend Upgrade

While WoW still is one of the best MMORPG games of all time, not everyone is a fan of character boosts that modern WoW offers on both retail and classic servers, and that is exactly what the Northrend Upgrade is. The boost is quite similar to the Burning Crusade version, as there are two variations of the boost. The first one is called Northrend Heroic Upgrade, it costs $49.99 and it will give you the following items:

  • Character boost to level 70
  • Expert Riding skill
  • Epic ground mount – 100% riding speed
  • Rare flying mount – 160% flying speed
  • Maximized weapon skills.
  • Flight paths in Azeroth and Outland
  • Level 70 Uncommon (green) quality gear
  • Four Draenic Leather Pack bags (14 slots each)
  • Some gold
  • Pebble – a penguin pet
  • Fishspeaker’s Lucky Lure – a toy that summons a fishing companion

If you are willing to spend a bit more on the Northrend Epic Upgrade, which is $79.99, you will receive these additional items:

  • The Kalu’ak Whalebone Glider – a flying mount usable only in WotLK Classic
  • The Tuskarr Shoreglider – a flying mount usable in the modern game
  • 30 days of World of Warcraft game time that lets you play retail and classic versions of WoW

What to do in the pre-patch?

Since you can get the boost right now on the WoW classic servers, you might be wondering what you can do for a whole month until WoW WotLK release date hits the servers. Well, it is not too late to start doing some raids and clearing out TBC content with the new talents. However, our suggestion is to start doing some battlegrounds for Honor that you can spend on Brutal Gladiator gear, which will allow you to zoom through the early questing stages of WotLK.

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